Monday, July 30, 2012

The Grandest Of Canyons!

Placing my toes at the edge of this vast and rugged canyon awakened senses dulled by the monotony of ordinary life.  Its depth, and detail, and breadth induces butterflies in the stomach. One can't help but breath deeper with eyes wide open in a feeble attempt to take in all of its splendor.

.....either that, or I was overwhelmed with absolute terror at the thought of plunging to my death over its sheer walls and mile long depths. Haha!!! Regardless, our visit to the Grand Canyon was a trip to remember!

More Details to come,



  1. Wow-ee, you had me going with your book worthy words in that first paragraph. Shew.

    Yes, I think I'd be a WHOLE lot of scared standing near the edge looking over.... the pictures are enough to make my stomach sink. ;)

  2. Breathtaking! But I can just hear my father who was a member of the American Soil Conservation Society, talk about erosion.

  3. SO GORGEOUS. I'm terrified of heights, but I think I could muster up the courage to see that. Wow!

  4. Great pictures!