Monday, July 23, 2012

Phoenix in July For the Sake of the Family

I've been scarce around here because we've had family in town, and I've been too busy enjoying my time with them to click the computer keys. My sister-in-law and her family flew in from Chicago and we all left the 72ยบ  pristine mountain air to go down to Hades Phoenix where the sweltering heat radiates from the concrete, and the sweating never stops. Ever.

While in Phoenix....

-My in-laws treated us all to a Diamondbacks game. So fun! We won 13-8 and saw fireworks afterward.

-We lived at the hotel swimming pool and let the cousins swim the day away.

-We got severely sunburned but wouldn't admit it so we called it a "base tan".

-We huddled around the air conditioner.

-We changed rooms because the air conditioner broke down. It couldn't handle our demands.  "You can't HANDLE the heat!"

-We drank Strawberry Island Breezes from Sonic. I highly recommend them. They are worth the brain freeze that might occur if you consume them too quickly!

-We shopped at the mall! (Totally lame to those of you who have one close, but like water to a thirsty man for those of us who don't.)

-For the first time ever, I was professionally fitted for new undergarments, and now realize that I have been buying the wrong sized bra for half a decade! That's a whole lot of ill-fitting bras, ladies! (Now that I've shared this personal information on the web, I can never ever run for president or it will be used against me in my opponent's campaign.)

-We ate at restaurants we don't have up here...Red Robin, Cafe Rio, Texas Roadhouse, Dunkin Donuts... (Every restaurant we ate at represents one meal that I didn't have to do the dishes after. That is a vacation in itself.)

-We were interviewed by the police for a crime that took place two doors down from our hotel room, and the kids got police badge stickers for our "Cooperation". Nine policemen at our hotel dusting for fingerprints and removing "evidence" from two doors down = Totally Creepy. I don't know what the crime really was, but I have a great imagination.....

-We stayed up late watching shows on TV because we don't have them at home. My kids got a real education watching " Hillbilly Handfishing". (We only let our children watch the "highest quality" shows at hotels. Wink, Wink.)

-We went to Costco to eat the samples to stock up on things we can't buy in bulk around here, namely Charmin Toilet Paper, and Ranier Cherries.

-We enjoyed every scorchingly hot moment of the weekend with our family!



  1. Your list had me in giggles! I admire the same things when I am on vacation! Glad you had a great week, Nell.

  2. Oh golly, sounds like lots of good laughs were had, gal! Summer fun!! :)

  3. Yay for a vacation even if it is to Hades :)
    I love your list and I agree with you on most of them....Cute picture too :)

  4. SOunds like a blast! My grandmother took us to Arlington the the Tx Ranger Games a few years ago, it was so fun!!!!
    Just tried one of those Sonic drinks the other day! Good stuff!
    Ah, to go shopping at a for real mall... such a treat!
    And I would have totally freaked out about the police/crime thing! I would have been imagining all sorts of horrible things! LOL!

  5. Police two doors down in a hotel room leave for MUCH imagination processing. *gulp* Glad you had a good time! I had one of those sonic slushy things the other day but I think the gal who made it had a seizure while she was pumping the syrup. It was so sweet I about died. Not really. But almost. Red Robin has me salivating right now. Their fries and ranch dip? *drool*

    Gosh darnit, now that's all I can think about. That's it, I'm leaving...