Friday, July 13, 2012

A Friday Chuckle...Because Everyone Needs One

Here are just a couple of things that I've noticed in my part of the world that made me chuckle, and I happened to have my iPhone handy to document them for your viewing pleasure.

It's been really dry around here, and this sign is posted in front of a business in town.

I saw this while driving down the road in in, ♪♫ Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona, such a fine sight to see...♪♫

Here's a close-up.  Yes, here in the wild west folks still ride their horses to the saloon. No joke.  

Whiskey for the men, beer for the horses. 

Thank the Lord it's finally Friday! WoooHoooo!



  1. Now that is dry! we have been blessed with rain this week so things are greening up here.

  2. that first picture should be on's dry here in MI too....

  3. I love that sign too funny.
    Where do you live? I live about an hour and a half from Winslow?