Tuesday, May 3, 2011

7 Random Things

1. After church on Sunday, on the spur of the moment, our whole family made the LONG trip down to Phoenix to watch our Diamondbacks beat the Chicago Cubs.  It was cold and windy at home but it was 82 and sunny at the ballpark, and they had the roof open for the game.  It was absolutely gorgeous out! We were so blessed to spend time with good friends, eat hot dogs and ice cream, and enjoy the weather.  We got home late that night, but the experience was well worth the 7 hours we spent on the road! Good times, Good times.
2. The craziest thing happened while we were at the stadium. Between one of the innings at each game, the camera zooms in on couples until they kiss each other. My husband and I were picked by the "kiss cam" and my Lover gave me a kiss that was seen on the huge Jumbo-Tron screen in front of everyone!!!  HaHaHa!!! I love that man! Remember, I married him so I could kiss him any time I want to. I just never imagined we'd  be kissing in public. =)

3. My baby had her very first Tee Ball game yesterday.  Her uniform is huge but she was sooo excited to wear it.  She asked me to stop at the store and buy her some "Big League Chew" bubble gum for her first game. 

4.  She was absolutely devastated to learn that her game wasn't going to be played on a real "dirt" field.

She cried, "But Mama, how am I supposed to slide home if there's no dirt??"

What was I supposed to tell her?  It broke my heart but the Tee- ballers are at the bottom of the priority list and baseball fields are at a premium around these parts.

She got to play pitcher during the first half of the game though, and it made her happy again.  She got most of the balls hit straight to her.  Pitching position is where all of the action is on the Tee-ball field!!

5. Here she is sprinting to third base! Notice her complete and total concentration as proven by the fact that she has her tongue in "serious" mode. Go speed racer!

6. For the last 33 years, my grandpa has been affectionately known as "Quak" (pronounced KWOK) by all of his grand kids.  I am the oldest, and when I was a toddler I couldn't pronounce the word "Grandpa".  Instead, it came out as Qua Qua.  It got shortened to Quak, and the name stuck. 

  Now that we've established how he got his name, I have to tell you that my Quak totally rocks! He found this nifty generator at a yard sale and bought it for my family.  It's brand new! He's quite the bargain hunter, and he doesn't even use coupons.

He's also savvy with a computer and reads my blog from time to time!  How many grandpas do you know that can surf the web? Not many.  I can say that with certainty.  (Hi Quak!...if you're reading this...Thanks for the generator! We love ya bunches!)

My husband loaded up our new gift in the truck and we talked about all the ways we could use it on the way back up the mountain.  This is when I established that the minds of men and women are worlds apart. And I do mean WORLDS APART.

My husband thought that the generator would be great to have for running a water pump to fill the stock tanks from the ditch.  He also thought that it would be useful around camp during hunting season, and great for running power tools in the middle of nowhere, etc. etc.

My first thought was to praise Jesus that I would never have to hand-crank my wheat grinder if there was ever a large scale electrical emergency.  It takes 15 minutes of pure sweat and muscle to hand-grind enough wheat for one measly loaf of bread.  The thought of this makes me shudder with fear. The good news is that I can now keep the wheat grinder motorized in a black out, and it will be business as usual for baking bread.

My second thought was that I could still use my curling in a power outage.  However, I did not voice this epiphany to my husband for fear that he would die laughing.  He just doesn't understand things like this.

Like I said, our thought processes are worlds apart.

7.  There was a giant ruckus going on in the hallway this evening with all kinds of cheering and hollering.  When I went to investigate, I found my three children using my baby's stick horse and a stop watch to have horse races down the hallway, around the living room and back.  They were yelling, "Go Secretariat! Come on Big Red!" as they each took a turn loping at full speed on the stick horse. It seems as though they were so moved by their recent viewing of the "Secretariat" movie that they wanted to reenact the racing scenes.  My children have LARGE imaginations, and they love the story of the greatest race horse that ever lived.

This concludes this week's edition of 7 random things. Thanks for tuning in!


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