Friday, May 6, 2011

The "Post Hole" Post

I'm pleased to report to you that I spent 6 hours building a corral with my family today out in the fresh air and sunshine! I AM A HAPPY WOMAN.

Here's some of my handy-work:

You're impressed....I can tell.

 I dug a whole lot of holes today....with a shovel.

Here's the totally lame auger that died every time we asked it to dig a hole.

It couldn't handle the pressure.

It's laying there with a smirk on its twisted auger face getting a sun tan while the rest of us picked up shovels.

I took that picture to show that, in the end, it's the manual labor that gets the job done.

Here's what I think about the situation:

Digging post holes = Not having to do laundry = Pure Bliss!

(Remember, I'd rather dig a hole than do the laundry any day of the week.)

This pasture is nearly an hour from home so we ate our lunch in a shady spot in the corral.  I snapped a photo, and then couldn't stop laughing!  Here's why:

Exhibit A:

Kickin' back to eat a sandwich.

Upon closer examination, I came to the conclusion that my daughter is thoroughly, totally, and completely a cowgirl to the core.

Examine Exhibit B:
Notice the giant petrified cow chip that is touching the edge of the sandwich wrapper.

My baby didn't even notice it.  She just happily ate her sandwich without giving it a second thought.  Her motto is "Live and let live."  Ha Ha! Just kidding.

When I couldn't stop laughing, she said, "Mama, what are you cracking up for?"

I said, "You are eating lunch next to a giant cow poop!"

Here was her response:
Then she went right back to eating.  I had to move it out of her way.  She didn't even care.

All day long, we were serenaded by this gorgeous Western Meadowlark that sat on the pipe gate.

It has the most beautiful sound.

If you've never heard one, click on the link below, and then scroll down and click on the "sound" icon to listen to the Western Meadowlark sing.

Its melody was the icing on top of a beautiful day.  I'm so blessed to live in the mountains, and to work along side my husband...doing what we love most.  Raising kids and cattle.

Soaking up the sunshine,


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