Saturday, May 21, 2011

7 Things about my Week

1. We've had snow, hail, rain, and wind most of this week.  Not fun. I'm so thankful for the precipitation though because we desperately needed it.  Fire season is always intense around our mountain, and we're always praying for moisture this time of year, but we must be more specific about what type of precipitation we pray for.  Snow is kind of a bummer in the latter part of May, but completely normal for this time of year.  Thankfully, I haven't planted my garden yet, so I didn't have to cover anything. Everything seems to be budding out late. That's life in high elevations.

2. My kids played baseball in the snow this week.  Who plays baseball while it's snowing?!?! Evidently our mountain kids are made from tough stock.  The pitcher on the other team kept putting his hand under his shirt in his armpit to keep it warm between plays. Poor little guy.  I kept the score book while wearing my gloves, stocking hat, heavy jacket, and fleece blanket.  I was a Popsicle for 3 days.  Brrrrrrrr.

3. I decided to round up the left over chocolate bunnies from Easter.

We always eat the See's Bunnies right away, but some of the other bunnies were still lingering around the kitchen, so I chopped them up and made Chunky Chocolate Easter Bunny Cookies.  YUM.

Did you know that looking at pictures of chopped up chocolate bunnies is pleasurable without consuming any calories?

Just chop up 2 cups of chocolate, and add it to your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Chocolate bunnies make superb cookies.  What a treat!

4. In an effort to make my wooden floors shinier, I put orange Pledge on them and now the kitchen is as slippery as a bowling alley lane.  Not my brightest idea.

5. I may or may not have driven over one of our low voltage pathway lights with the truck.  I'm not admitting or denying anything at this time, I just want you to know that it still lights up at night even though its shattered into a thousand pieces and smashed into the dirt.  It's a real miracle.

6. I bought Scrabble for my iPhone, and now my life feels more complete.

7. Now that the irrigation ditch is buried, we have devised a new way of watering the cows.  It involves using the generator to run a pump from the head gate to the 720 gallon stock tanks.  We can fill a stock tank in 12 minutes this way. (I know you're impressed right now with these details.) Exciting stuff. Really.

Here's the pump and hose in a bucket with holes drilled into it to keep the rocks from getting sucked up into the pump. (Who takes pictures of water pumps? Me. That's who.)

Here's my boy filling up a stock 12 minutes.  The water will clear up shortly after it settles.

Hope your week was lovely,


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