Monday, May 16, 2011

Puppy Love

Meet my dad's new baby, "Dozer".  He's the sweetest, most precious pup in the whole world, and I got to kiss on him all weekend. 

He's a 6 week old black Lab puppy with the most precious little puppy nose and puppy breath.  He's got giant puppy paws to grow in to, and he was the largest of his litter. His name definitely fits his size.

I can't get enough sniffs of his shiny raven puppy head.

Would you look at those sad little puppy dog eyes?!?!

Just like a new born, Dozer has his days and nights mixed up.  He wants to play all night long! He yips, and whines and trys to jump out of his box while my dad is sleeping.  During daylight hours, he's practically in a coma....dozing off every chance he gets, giving new meaning to the name "Dozer".

You may want to say a short prayer for my dad.  He's going to have his hands full for a while with a ton of puppy training in his future. There may be a whole lot of chewed up shoes and sleepless nights in the process.

It will all be worth it though, because Dozer is going to be a great side-kick for my dad, full of kisses and happy tail wagging to greet him at the door when he comes home.


  1. Aloha Nell! What a beautiful puppy! Yes, your dad SURE will have his hands full with this "kolohe" pup!

  2. HaHa! "Kolohe" pup indeed!!