Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grandpa's Farm: Part II

I'm back on the computer! I'm so sorry my blogs have been scarce.  There are obviously no WI-FI hotspots in Amish country, and I spent my days on the farm watching the corn grow....therefore the laptop has been collecting dust.  It was the most relaxing five days that I've experienced in a while.  I'm going to dump lots of pictures on here over the next week or so, so please bear with me as I journal my visit to my mom's hometown.

Here is the place where my grandpa delivers his corn. It's in the center of the nearest town, right next door to the tractor dealerships.  In addition to the grain silos, there is a small grocery store, a Dairy Queen, and some quaint shops down a small street.

Here is the inside of a cute little country store.

Here we are enjoying the shade in a rocking chair on Main Street.

Here is one of the sheds where my husband spent hours chewing the cud with Grandpa while leaning up against a piece of equipment.  I'm not joking when I say that my husband never wanted to leave. Farming in the midwest is so different than back home.  The abundance of water and good black soil makes everything grow so nicely.  It takes a lot of labor and irrigating to grow things in  our dry climate. I was certain that my Grandpa was going to have to build a small bedroom in the barn for my hubby so he could stay forever.

There is a small river that runs through the woods on the back part of the farm.  The trees are thick, lush, and  unlike anything we have in Arizona.  They were beautiful.

The deer are prolific around these parts, and there is a deer stand that my kids loved to play in at the edge of the corn.

Grandpa has a tree swing in his back yard that over-looks his corn fields.  Whenever I couldn't find my daughter, this was the first place I would look for her.  She spent hours in this swing where the views would inspire her to sing sweet little songs as she glided through the air.

My next blog post will focus on some family history in the area. 

Stay Tuned!

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  1. W O W!!!!!!!! I want to move there!! Just the pictures give out such a peace and serenity. Great post!