Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rescuing "The Duke" and other Wildfire Tidbits

Thank you for your continuing prayers! As of this afternoon, the wildfire is over 140,000 acres with zero containment.

As we drove closer to the fire today, the sky changed dramatically.  This picture is over 15 miles away from the fire.

As we drove to closer to my in-laws, the sky was black with heavy smoke and ash.  This picture was taken around noon.

The smoke was so heavy that the sun barely shone.  This was taken around noon as well.

Here is a Sikorsky Skycrane that flew over-head.  It hovers low over a water source, and sucks up water with the hose that hangs down.  Then it flys over the fire and drops the water over a specified area.

After a few hours, the wind changed and the sky turned an eerie orange color. 

With the eminent threat of evacuation looming over at my in-laws, we decided that it would be wise to take a few of the family's most treasured items to a safer location.

It sounds silly, but when the threat of fire causes you to evaluate your worldly possessions, you realize that the things that are most important to you are often not the most expensive things in your home, or even the nicest things.  The most valuable things are often the ones that can't be replaced: Pictures, family heirlooms, things that hold a special place in your heart because there is a fond memory attached to them.

I had to chuckle as I loaded up the truck because one of the things that our family holds dear to us is a giant old photograph of John Wayne riding in a parade in my in-laws town.

Have no fear, "The Duke" is safe and sound in a secure location.

John Wayne is kind of a "Big Deal" in these parts. After all, he DID own a ranch here.  He's legendary. This picture is very sentimental.  How many people actually have a real picture of  "The Duke" in their living room?

"Don't worry little lady, I'll fix your wagon."
-John Wayne

We evacuated "The Duke" along with a few boxes of family treasures, and now we wait, watch, and pray. 

A Question to Ponder:
If there was fire approaching your home and you had to quickly load your vehicle and evacuate, what items would you take? 


  1. Already thought about it, in case they have to evacuate while I am in Africa. I asked my family to get my dog and my bankers box of tax receipts - we are under tax audit. Everything else can burn, including the cat. :)

  2. Our school books! We just paid a lot of money for those :)