Sunday, June 19, 2011

In The Market for a New Vehicle?

Instead of another truck, I want this to be my next vehicle purchase for the following reasons:

A. Test crashes prove it's a safer mode of transportation for the children.
B. The elevated cab improves my view of potential road hazards up ahead on the highway.
C. It's less likely to roll over in an accident.
D. I can create my own parking spots.
E. The driver's seat features air suspension and mechanical lumbar support for those long drives to Walmart.
F. The swivel seat allows me to discipline unruly children in the back without straining my neck.
G. I will never get high centered in the snow while trying to plow through the driveway.
H. I can mow my lawn in one swath.
I.  The large rear-view mirror is great for applying mascara.
J. The superior hydraulics will make it a breeze to move the trash barrel out to the road on trash day.
K. It has stairs leading up to the cab so I don't have to worry about trying to hop in with a skirt on Sunday mornings.
L. It will run over minivans.
M. I like the color.

I girl can dream, can't she?!?

Always looking ahead,


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  1. Nell, just read some of your blog. It is great and written very well ! I have to say that the pictures from your visit to your grandparents house and farm look very simular to our area, around Arthur and Arcola ,Il. Great pictures too. Brenda