Saturday, June 18, 2011

This Just Creeps Me Out.

It was Thursday evening.  I was sitting on a patio chair enjoying the company of my family over barbecued hamburgers and watermelon. A gentle breeze  was coming from the north... a welcomed relief from the oppressive heat and humidity of the day.  With a full belly, I leaned back in my chair and enjoyed the chit-chat as I watched the corn leaves tremble in the wind.

I was about to say something deep and meaningful when I felt something tickle my heel. I looked down to view what I thought was a bug near my feet, when all of the sudden I jumped five feet in the air and sprinted to the grass.

"There's a SNAKE!"

It took my breath away.

I mean, I'm not usually squeamish about snakes, but when one unexpectedly brushes up against my heel, it kind of creeps me out.

Within 2.5 seconds, the entire family had evacuated the patio, and they were running for their lives! I've never seen such speed and agility in all of my days! (I still can't stop laughing at the mental picture) !!!

The menfolk were clamoring for a shovel to slay the serpent, and the women were screaming. It was mass chaos. Grandpa was on a mission to chop it's head off, but my dad thought the snake was not really hurting anything so he decided to catch it instead of kill it.  Then we spent the next 5 minutes looking at it before re-locating it to the river. 

I have no idea what kind of snake this is, but I'm pretty sure it was harmless. If anyone in blogland knows the answer, feel free to shout it out in the comments section.

My dad told me that he read somewhere that poisonous snakes have pupils with slits like a cat in their eyes, where as non- poisonous snakes have round pupils.

I'm sorry, but I'll be darned if I'm going to take the time to have a close look at the pupils of a snake when it slithers past my heels.

My new motto: "When in doubt, run it out."

Still calming down from my brush with death,

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  1. I am 100% with your new motto - especially when it comes to unexpected visits from a snake!! Kinda glad that your Dad decided to let him live though - those eyes do look less threatening without the slit-pupil thing going on. Maybe he was just being neighborly? =^D