Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7 Completely Random Things

1. When my dad came to visit, he brought Dozer with him.  I can't believe how much he's grown and changed in less than two months! He's going to be huge! I loved getting to kiss on him! Even though he's in the throes of puppy-hood, he can already sit, stay, and fetch really well.  He's very intelligent!

2."You know you live in rural America when".... I took this terrible picture with my iphone so you could see the view from my son's orthodontist office.  I love the sweet-corn field, and cow pastures just beyond the fence.  We park in the gravel driveway and look at the horses outside the office window while we wait. Don't let this simple country setting fool you, though.  Our orthodontist is TOP NOTCH! 

3. My son broke a bracket off of his braces and while the orthodontist was repairing it he asked my son what he was eating when he broke it.

My son looked him straight in the eye and said, "I don't know...maybe yogurt."

 BWAHAHAHAAHAA!!!! I guess he thinks the orthodontist was born yesterday.  I'm sure the orthodontist hears many excuses from kids, but I think that was the first time yogurt was listed as the culprit.  I'm thinking that gum, chips, and apples are a more likely source.

4. This is a picture of the sky above our pasture as a monsoon thunder storm was just beginning to roll in from the east. I had it up as part of my "Wordless Wednesday" this morning, but my friend and I decided that it really wasn't "Wordless Wednesday" worthy. That's what I love about real friends.  They'll tell you when you have a booger on your nose or a bad picture on your blog.

5. Speaking of friends, I have the most awesome ones around.  Even though it's been over 4 months since I lost my mother, and the initial shock has worn off, they are still right by my side...supporting me with calls, emails, prayer times, dessert dates, and little notes in the mail.  I would be lost without them! I'm learning that healing from a big loss takes lots of time.  (If you know someone who has recently lost a loved one, drop them a little note to let them know that you're still praying for them, thinking of them, and there for them.  I can assure you that even if several months have gone by, it will be a huge blessing to them!)

6. I bought a $14.00 exercise outfit at Walmart.  This means that I'm taking my workout to the next level.  Gone are the days of cut-off sweat pants and my husband's softball T-shirts.  I really mean business now...even though I've only lost 1 pound. I even drove to the high school to run the bleachers and jog the track. I'm definitely feeling the effects of that workout  in the rear trunk regions of my body.  My motto: No pain, no gain! I'm still pressing on!

7. My computer printer is currently malfunctioning due to the fact that somehow, a very large moth got stuck inside.  Now every recipe that I try to print is missing words and comes out with moth guts smeared on it. LOL!!!! (Just keeping it real for the readers.)

Speaking of moths, here's one on my Delphinium flowers.

This concludes this week's random thoughts by Nell. 


  1. I am still wiping my eyes after the moth guts! LOL! Love you keeping it real for the readers. Love your for some crunchy yogurt!

  2. Great pup!
    I think that picture is Wordless Worthy. ;)
    Moth guts! Goodness! I bet that isn't in the instruction booklet. :):)

  3. Thank you, Rita. I guess we take our surroundings for granted when we've lived here long enough. :) Maybe they just don't have the "wow" factor anymore...or maybe my pics don't do it justice.

  4. Moth guts!? That has got to be a first! I much prefer moths on flowers rather than in printers. I wonder what inspired it to hide out in there?

  5. I understand completely what you're going through with the passing of your mother. My mom passed away coming up on 12 years ago. The pain never really goes away, but it does lessen from that initial sharp pain. There's always going to be times you want to call her and talk to her or things you wish you could share with her. Remember the good times, take them out and look at them once in awhile. Share them with others. As time goes on, there'll be less pain associated with the memory of your mom, and you'll be able to smile again at things she did or things she said. I recently put together a DVD in memory of my mom. It turned out to be an hour long. I requested memories from everyone who knew and loved my mom. Then, I got pictures from the whole family, and put songs that my mom loved and songs that reminded us of her behind the pictures and memories. It turned out so wonderful and was the perfect Christmas present (for my dad and 7 siblings). Now we can all go back and read memories anytime we want and we can see what was so important to my mom...her family. This was one of the most wonderful things I've done. I would encourage you to do something similar in memory of your mom...a scrapbook, a DVD, really did help all of us. Treasure the memories, the good times, and when you're down, try to pull out those good times and look at them again. They'll help.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement, Kristina. That sounds like a lovely idea, and a great way to honor loved ones. I love to write down memories of my mom as I think of them, and will consider doing something neat like this in the future.

    Some day, I'd also like to print out my blog in its entirety with all of its comments because my mother used to comment on here regularly, and I feel like its a treasure chest of little encouraging notes from her to remember her by. :)

  7. If you are planning on bringing that cake tomorrow, please put some of the moth guts on my slice. I gained a pound just reading the recipe.