Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Could Be The Next "Great Bambino"

My moment in the sun came yesterday morning at approximately 10:47am.  Our family was at the baseball field having a little batting practice to prepare my son for his All-Star game that night.  My husband pitched a big bucket of balls to each child while the rest of us fielded balls in the outfield.

We were hot, sweaty, and ready to go when I spontaneously said, "Why don't you pitch a few to me for old-times sake, my Love?"

The kids giggled. They thought it would be funny to watch.

They ran in closer to the in-field, as if to say that their mom wasn't going to hit it very hard.  Totally insulting.

My footwear of choice: flip-flops.

I looked at my husband and said, "Throw me a good one!"

I smacked it into center field.  The kids went running back.  "That'll teach 'em! Never underestimate the power of  MOM."

The next hits: right field, center field, and then a foul ball.

I wiggled my bat.

"Throw me a zinger. I'm aiming for the fence!"

My husband gave me a nod. He brought the glove up close to his face as he adjusted the ball in his hand.  He spit a sunflower seed.  Next came the wind-up, and then the pitch!

As if in slow motion, the ball came hurling right down the pike.

I swung with all my might! The ball connected to the sweet spot on the bat and it went for a ride.

"Going, going, G-O-N-E!!!!!!"

It was over the fence!!!!!!

Here's the part where my husband and son rain on my parade.

"Technically... it went over on the first bounce."

 But that's still a LONG way!

My little smartypants son yelled, "Ground-rule double".


That was an AWESOME hit!  Let's face it.  I'm a 33 year old, slightly out of shape mother whose given birth to 3 children. I was wearing flip-flops. I haven't swung a bat in a several years! This was a career highlight for me! It could mean bragging rights for years! I hit a baseball over the fence! one bounce.

Am I going to be the next Babe Ruth? I can't answer that.  What I do know is that my muscles were so sore this morning that I could hardly get out of bed to get ready for church. It was the best pain I've ever felt though, because it came on the heels of a major-league accomplishment.

Just between you and me... I've been thinking of asking my husband to start calling me "Babe Ruth".  Maybe just "Babe" for short.  Do you think he'll honor this one little request? I doubt it because he thinks my head is already growing too big from this brief moment of triumph.

I can still hear the roar of the crowd, the smell of the grass, and feel of the dirt between my toes. Oh, the glory!

Still Basking in Victory,

Babe Ruth


  1. We take our glory moments where every we can get them. Enjoy!