Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Scorching Hot in Phoenix, Arizona!

Today was the first day of our state homeschool convention. It's held in down-town Phoenix at the Convention July.  So basically we drove from our mountain oasis where it was a heavenly78 degrees, and we entered the blistering hot valley where it is a hellish 114 degrees. It's "melt your face off " hot.  Just walking from the parking garage to the convention center will roast your skin to a leathery crisp.'s a "dry" heat.

 Yeah. Whatever.

Right now you're probably thinking, "Why on earth would you subject yourself to this type of torture for a homeschool convention?"

The answer: It's phenomenal. We are so blessed by it each year. Thousands of people gather together to listen to the key note speaker and attend  a wide variety of hour long workshops over a two day period.  No matter where you're at in your homeschooling journey, there are informative classes to guide you along the way.  Additionally, we have been honored to have our state's governor and members of congress in attendance as well.

Perhaps the very best part of the conference is the gargantuan Exhibitor Hall overflowing with curriculum, books, and resources for homeschooling parents. If you enjoy book stores, you would be in literary heaven there.  We use the Las Vegas approach when entering the Exhibitor Hall.  We bring a wallet full of cash, and when it's gone...we stop buying books. Otherwise, we could spend a ridiculous amount of money in there.

Our kids stayed home with my dad, so  it feels like a weekend date with my husband.  For lunch, we walked across the street to the Diamondbacks stadium and enjoyed our meal at a restaurant overlooking the ball field.  They were preparing for a game this evening, so the stadium was hopping with activity.  Here was the view from our table.

Tomorrow we will enjoy another full day of speakers and workshops and order the children's curriculum for the coming school year.  

I'm so excited!

Joyfully sharing my homeschool nerdiness with you,


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  1. Have a great time! At the convention and having alone time with the hubby--which is a treat when you have three kids, I bet! :):)