Tuesday, October 18, 2011

7 Random Things

1. We drove to Payson, a town that's two hours away from us, so we could return the rental car from our vacation.  Whilst there, we ate at Macky's Grill.  For dessert, I was lured into ordering this divine piece of heaven on a plate.  It's called "Southwest Cheesecake."  It's a piece of cheesecake wrapped into a tortilla, deep-fried, rolled in cinnamon- sugar, sliced, topped with strawberries and whipped cream, served with vanilla ice cream.



(I was mentally tortured because I shared this with the whole family, but I secretly wanted to eat the whole thing myself. Being selfless is next to impossible when Southwest Cheesecake is concerned.)

2. Now that we're back from vacation, we picked up our trusty dogs from my in-laws.  They live the retired life over there with no kids to poke at them, no cows to pursue, and no patrols around the chicken coop.  After a little R & R, they were ready to come home. Boone was happy to take up his post as captain of the truck bed when we hauled a load of steers to the butcher on Saturday.
Feeling the wind in his fur = 1 happy dog

3. I came back from vacation with a yucky head cold.  To add insult to injury, I burned charred my little ol' tongue on some scalding hot cocoa.  Stuffed up nose + burned tongue =  pure misery. I can't breathe, smell, or taste anything at all.

4. I've been looking forward to devouring my 5th  mini Pumpkin Pie Blizzard this month at Dairy Queen. They only have them for a limited time, so I try to enjoy them as often as possible before they're gone for another year. As a bonus, the new mini size allows me to indulge in my cherished blizzard with only a fraction of the calorie guilt. However, with my stuffy nose and burned tongue, I'm going to have to put off my weekly DQ date until I can taste again.  Boo Hoo.

5. During school, I've been teaching my baby how to count money.  We play a game where she buys things around the house and counts out the correct amount of change. She decided to buy our little hooligan dog, Chigger, for 15 cents.  She asked her dad if  Chigger could "really" be hers. He said, "Sure!"  From that moment on, she's taken her ownership quite seriously.  She has him sleep on her extra pillow, puts her doll blanket over him, and brushes "her dog" every day.  She was devastated when she tried to kiss him goodnight on the lips last night and he tore through the house and retreated under our bed, never to be seen again.  I don't think he likes all this new attention from his new "owner".  

6. We got a hold of the entire Andy Griffith series, and my kids have been watching an episode every day after school.  They LOVE it! The only problem is that the show is so old that none of their friends have ever seen it.  My kids go around making obscure references to Barney Fife and their buddies get a blank stare on their face.  But when they tell these things to my dad, he can remember the entire episode, and laughs right along with them.  Sometimes old shows are the best shows!

7.The feline warrior who keeps the mice at bay around here is looking a bit ragged.  We are currently in the heat of our annual hairball wars.  Here's how it works: I catch her sleeping peacefully somewhere and I sneak up to her with the scissors.  Then I commence to cutting chunks of matted-up fur off of her back until she wakes up, comes to full conscious awareness, and tries to swat at me with her evil claws.  We are currently on our 7th session.  Each session lasts approximately 2 minutes and 17 seconds. I'm considering wearing our welding gloves and having an all-out war with her until I get the job done. The kids call her "Kitty-Cutes."  I call her "that @#$%  CAT".  Doesn't she know this is for her own good? Doesn't she know that I have her best interests at heart?  I have only one thing to say:  I shall be victorious!!! 

Thanks for reading this madness,


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  1. Oh my goodness Nell, your hilarious...and that southwest cheesecake sure tempted my taste buds. I love, adore, worship,...i just love cheesecake...

    I have a friend that has a cat that we have to de-mat every so often...it works better with a cat wrapped up in a towel and a big strong man holding the cat down and the only part exposed is the part you want to trim...