Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Few Things I love about Texas

A Few things I love about Texas:

- Longhorn Cattle in pastures near the ranch houses just for "looks"

-Friendly drivers who drove on the shoulder so people could pass.

-American Flags and Texas Flags flown side-by-side in front yards

-Good Country Music played in EVERY store and restaurant.

-A radio station called "Kicker Country"

-Charro Beans

-Nice People

-Cowhide Furniture

-80 mph speed limit

-Big Hair

-"Yes Ma'am"

-The shape of the state of Texas etched in glass at fast food restaurants, on door mats, inside gas station bathroom stalls, on napkins, on billboards, on paper cups.  Texas is EVERYWHERE!

-Their deep love of Football.

-Bling is the norm, not the exception.

-Deer Corn is sold at every gas station

- Ford Trucks...everywhere.

- Grill guards on every vehicle

-Beef, beef, and more beef

-George Strait


  1. Though I am a long ways from Texas we have been there twice and I loved the state. We were passing through both times but some day I am going to make it and stay for a few weeks and really get a good look around the state.


  2. Re the "bling" one time in a jewelry store looking at rings, I told the sales lady I didn't want anything gaudy. She said, "Honey, there's no such thing as gaudy in Texas!"