Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Personal Rebellion

Last night, I wore jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and my favorite black vest filled with down feathers  to my son's football practice because it's getting colder.

But....I wore flip flops on my feet.  I wore the flip flops as a form of rebellion against the cold weather.

I wore flip-flops to signify my disapproval of  the impending 6 months of brown grass and naked twigs that will cover the ugly landscape.

I wore flip-flops to protest the coming season of chipping ice, hauling water, feeding hay, and shoveling snow.

I wore flip-flops to show my disdain for the driving spring winds and cabin fever that will ensue.

I wore flip-flops.....because I was a complete idiot. I froze my toes off.  I shivered for two hours at the ball field.  I lost all feeling in my limbs.  It took three hours and a steaming hot shower to regain blood circulation to my big toes.  My rebellion against cold weather became my own personal misery.

I'm still not ready for winter to come, but I shall show my disapproval in some other way from now on.  A way that is not so painful to my body.

For now, I will tuck away my beloved flip-flops in hopes of warmer weather.  For now, I will settle for socks and closed toed shoes.  For now, I will look forward to the day that the weatherman says there is more than a 2% chance of snow so I can pull out my cherished Sorrel Snow Boots. For now I will choose to be content in all seasons.

Good bye flip-flops. Hello Snow Boots.



  1. I may sound like a complete freak, but I cherish all seasons. This morning we had wicked winds and driving rain and some would look at it and say YUCK! I on the other hand though, ugh, I love this weather. Why, you ask, because it's part of autumn and I'm not one to wish away our seasons. I love the wind and rain in the fall and I love the snow and blizzards in the winter. I love the goopy thawing mess in the spring and I love the warm summer nights. : )

  2. I completely understand! If I could get by with flip flops all year I would definitely do it. I HATE shoes...always have. Even when I was little, the shoes came off before my coat. Unfortunately, fall is here and it is too cool for flip flops. I wear them as long as I possible can, but unfortunately flip flop/sandal time seems to be over this year.

  3. I would rebel the same way! And, that is what makes me giggle!

  4. I just found your blog. I spent the whole afternoon reading them, you're a very good writer. You have the cutest children ever!