Saturday, October 15, 2011

South Padre Sea Life and More!

While we were on South Padre Island, we decided to do some exploring.  We visited the Sea Turtle Rescue, and toured the tanks with various types of sea turtles in all different stages of rehabilitation.  Many had shark damage to their limbs, or damage to their bodies from getting caught in floating debris. Most will be released back into the water, but the most severely damaged turtles will stay at the rescue.

The one thing that all sea turtles have in common: they look grouchy.  Really grouchy.

 This big guy woke up on the wrong side of the tank.

 This one had a gorgeous shell.

This one would easily fit in the palm of my hand.

Another grouch.

After visiting the sea turtles, we made our way up the island with 4 wheel drive.  This is one thing I LOVED about South Padre.  After passing the last of the buildings, there are miles and miles of open beach, accessible with a truck, or jeep.  We just drove right out onto the beach and up the coastline.  There were tons of families  having barbecues on the beach.  It was so laid back.

As soon as we started barbecuing, the seagulls became our very best friends.  They hovered our area by the droves in hopes of getting a little snack.

Few people ever make it up the beach this far, so there are tons of seashells for the picking.

On our way back, we stopped to look at some of the new beach subdivisions going in.  

I think these houses are so classy looking.

After our tour of the island, we all had a delicious lunch at a restaurant called "The Big Donkey".  It had the finest and most unique salsa we've ever eaten.  It was orange in color from the variety of Serrano peppers used in the salsa, and it was served warm.  I can almost taste it now!

Another perk of vacationing with another family is that we were able to each have a nice date night without the kids.  We watched their kids one evening, and they watched ours on the next night.  On our date night, we ate tasty fish tacos with Charro beans.  Then we relaxed on the patio pier overlooking the bay at sunset.  What a relaxing evening with my sweetheart!

I'll end with this picture.  This sign made me laugh because it combines two of my great loves: Texas and Dr. Pepper!
God Bless Texas.

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