Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Back To Normal

I'm back! My husband was working out of town for two weeks.  We picked him up on Thursday, and things have been insanely busy ever since. I'm so glad to have him home again.

When we said goodbye to him, he drove seven hours away to a job site in the middle of the desert.  The nearest town was two hours away from where he worked, so he had a four hour round trip each day to get to and from the hotel.  He drove in heavy equipment several miles on this rough road to reach the pipe they were welding. It was a tough job with long hours and no cell phone service.

And there were rattle snakes....

Snake in the headlights

Lots, and lots of rattlesnakes. The place was crawling with them!  He brought  home a dead Mohave Green Rattle Snake that someone ran over, and the rattlers off of two additional dead snakes for our kids. My husband always brings home unusual gifts from the places he works, but dead snakes and rattlers top our list of ummmmm.... "unique" gifts.

"Oh, Love, you brought us home dead thoughtful of shouldn't have."

The kids LOVED them!

(The snake is in the freezer, waiting to be skinned, pics. Sorry.)

He also saw a bunch of these.

 This one was the size of  a Zinger snack cake. I know this because he took a blurry pic of it with a Zinger next to it for size comparison.

Sounds like a great place to work, doesn't it?

As soon as my husband got home, life went back to warp speed.  I'll post more about our exciting weekend adventures in other posts.

Meanwhile, I'm just glad things are back to normal around here.

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