Sunday, March 28, 2010

Custom Made

It's been a beautiful spring day. So beautiful that I could no longer put off the dreaded spring cleaning chore I've been avoiding. The one that gives me anxiety just to think about. The semi-annual garage clean-out. Because we didn't build our home, we didn't have the luxury of choosing the dimensions of our garage. We drive trucks. BIG trucks. BIG 4 door, long bed, with 8" lift trucks. We have a small garage. A "mini cooper" sized garage. As a consequence, we can't use our garage for it's intended we fill it with stuff. Bikes, camping gear, hunting equipment, tools, etc...stuff. During the deep freeze of winter, it's soooo cold out there that we do the "drop and run" with things that go in the garage. We "drop" them in the garage and "run". It has started to look a little like a "Monica Closet". You know, Monica from the "Friends" TV show. She keeps her house obsessively clean, but has a special closet that no one's allowed to see because it's filled to the ceiling with junk. It's her dirty little secret.

Well, my house is usually quite neat and tidy, but the garage....lets just say it was a few months away from turning into our own little "Monica Closet". Today was the day to tackle it. So I opened it up and let the warm sunshine fill the room as I dutifully put back those misplaced items from the winter. It was then that I saw this up on the wall of our garage, and every time I see it, it brings a smile to my face.

You may be asking yourself," What the heck are those?" I'm glad you asked my friend, because those are genuine, one of a kind, elk hoof wall hangers. Can you go to your local Walmart and pick up a set? No. Can you find them in your latest Pottery Barn catalog? No. These were custom made by my lovely Elk hunting husband. Isn't he thoughtful? What wife wouldn't love her husband to make her a set? Ours are put to good use as a holder for air compressor hose, and extension cords. But the choices are endless!! Hat racks, gun racks, towel hangers, purse holders...the list goes on and on. When my husband shoots an animal, we don't just eat the meat. No, NOTHING goes to waste! "Waste not, want not" is his motto. And we are certainly not wanting for a new garage hanger. When you're married to a REAL man of GENIUS, you never know what he'll think of next. That's what keeps marriage spicy, and THAT'S just one of the reasons I love him!!

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