Saturday, March 20, 2010


My Lover has been under a tremendous amount of stress lately. He's been welding half way across the state for the last three weeks, re-qualifying for his dangerous line of work,and he comes home long enough for me to do his laundry and re-pack him. While he's been gone, I've decided to start exercising again. Little by little I've been increasing my stamina, and he decided to join me for a workout session during his 48 hour stay at home. I think it inspired him. He got the work-out bug. Two days later, he woke up in his hotel room at 5:00am and decided he felt great. "I think I'll go for a jog this morning before work" he said. So off he went, down an unfamiliar road, in the dark, without a phone. Twenty minutes into the jog, he trips on a rock, biffs it hard, sprains his ankle, and lands on his knee. With no means of calling for help, he is forced to limp back to the hotel. An hour later he arrives at the front desk limping, blood dripping down his leg, full of road rash, and defeated. His ankle is the size of a softball, and his knee is twice it's usual size.

Picture is 4 days after the incident
What possesses a man who hasn't gone jogging in two years to get up at 5:00am in a strange place in the dark to go for a run??? It must be a guy thing. Do you think this injury stopped him? Not a chance. He limped straight up to his room, shoved his work boot on and limped around welding for 4 more days before he saw a doctor. He suffered in silence. Now that's a real man.

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  1. FINALLY--a reason NOT to exercise. I knew if I waited long enough I could find one. :)