Thursday, March 18, 2010

Writer's Itch

This blog has been brewing in my brain for a while now. I've been chewing on it's contents for quite some time. It all started after I wrote the annual Christmas letter. You know, the one where you cram 365 days worth of life into one 81/2" by 11" sheet of colored paper. After changing the font size to microscopic, and shrinking the margins to within a hair of the edge of the page, I could only manage to give the tiniest glimpse of our life. So many of the little moments and small details that make life memorable ended up on the cutting room floor. And that's downright frustrating for a girl who's thoughts and creativity cannot be confined to a solitary sheet of paper!

Shortly thereafter, I started chatting with long lost friends and faraway family through facebook. Virtually every time I tried to post the events of the day, I went over my word limit. I was forced, once again, to abbreviate my thoughts to the detriment of the story I was trying to tell. That was the last straw! "I'm gonna start a blog, and ramble on it EVERY day if I want to, and NOBODY'S gonna stop me!"

So here I am. I have found a place to ramble, to journal, to share with friends. I hope that you will enjoy the journey with me.


  1. It is about time you got this thing up and running. I love you
    P Daddy

  2. So you have waaaaay more html talent than I do!!! I love your layout!!!

    Speak on my friend-I am listening! :)
    Love you!