Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gone Fishin'

The men in my family have fishing on the brain. My husband's buddy has a little aluminum boat that's been sitting unused for years.  The guys went over to his house, rescued the boat, cleaned it up, and have been taking it out on the lake ever since.  Our boy thinks fishing is the funnest thing on earth right now, and has spent all of his lawn mowing money on fishing lures.  My husband gave him an old tackle box that was passed down from his grandfather, and I think it may be an antique.
It doesn't matter to my son, he just thinks it's cool to have a tackle box. Now he's on a mission to fill it with lures that catch the "big ones".  He also has one of my husband's old fishing poles, and a few hooks, lures and bobbers that he pillaged from my husband's tackle box.
I think I know what he'll be getting for his birthday.  Even though his supplies are slim pickins, he's caught trout, bass, catfish, and a sunfish with his meager beginnings.  Yesterday he loaded up his pole, and net into his backpack and did a whole lot of fishing with his best buddy across the lake.  There's nothing funner to a young boy than spending two summer days casting a line with a good friend.  I'm so glad he enjoys the simple pleasures in life.  I imagine boys have been "drowning worms" together for thousands of years, yet fishing never seems to go out of style. The peaceful quiet of the lake, the glass- like surface of the water, and the thought that the next cast could be the one that hooks a monster fish, keeps the guys motivated and makes the experience one worth repeating.

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  1. Hmmm...so it has begun. The "search" for the perfect lure. His Grumpy is still on the "search" for the perfect lure. His Grumpy may have hundreds of dollars worth of "that perfect lure". The one that will entice that elusive fish. That meager beginnings is destined to just grow and grow over the years. :) I'm not sure if those lure makers are making lures for fish or for "fishermen". :) Needless to say, that some catch fish and even more catch fishermen. :)