Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Milestone

Well it's official. My eight year old son can wear my boots. *sob*sob *sniffle.  I can't believe it.  My husband says it's a big milestone in the life of a boy when his feet are as big as his mom's.  I was just hoping that it would be a few more years before that was the case.  After all, I don't have small feet. The other day I told my boy to take out the trash, and he slipped on my flip flops. They fit him perfectly, but I didn't say anything to him about it at the time.  Later, he came into the kitchen complaining that his boots were too small to wear. 

On a side note: I have this theory that when kids run around barefoot all summer, their feet grow several sizes.  In the Spring everything fits, and then the rare occasion in Summer when the kids have to wear "real shoes", they all complain that their shoes are too small.  Three months of bare feet makes those little toes really stretch out.

We had to do some work in the pasture that day, and he needed boots.  I didn't have an extra hundred bucks laying around, and I figured that his feet would continue to grow this summer, so I did the next best thing.  I dug in the back of my closet, and got out an old pair of work boots that I haven't worn in years. They didn't make women's work boots a few years back, so they were in a men's size and style.  And by-golly, they fit him.  I don't know whether to laugh about how big his feet are, or cry about how fast he's growing.  Maybe I'll do both.
He's got another 6 sizes to grow before he fits into his dad's boots, but at this rate, he'll reach that milestone in the blink of an eye.

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  1. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Say it isn't so! I am so not ready for that. How cool/sad/sweet/sigh!!!