Friday, June 11, 2010

Irrigation Day

Yesterday afternoon I brought the camera with me while we went to irrigate.  Our pastures are really starting to green up now that the temperatures have risen.

Our kids love to help irrigate because it involves water.  They are magnetized to any activity that involves getting wet or muddy. Here's one of our head gates where the water flows from the ditch to our pasture.

Notice how our son has caught several crawdads within minutes of arriving to the ditch.

The area right behind our check board is the supremo spot for catching monster crawdads!

Here's our girl pulling in another crawdad trap to check it.  Irrigation ensures a full day of nonstop entertainment for kids.

My baby helping Daddy unclog pipes in the ditch with her stick.  Doesn't the grass look luscious?  It's ready for us to put cows out on it to graze.

Here's another view.

The kids looked so cute on the corral fence that I had to take their picture!

The End.

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