Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brother's Back!

Our son went to visit his grandparents for a few days so he could have some time to do "guy" stuff without his pesky little sisters around to bug him.  Less than 10 minutes after we dropped him off, my baby said:

"Momma, I miss brover already!" 
"Already?  We just dropped him off!" I said.
" I know but I weeeaallly miss him.  I wuv him. Can I call him?" she said.

It's funny.  My kids fight like cats and dogs when they're together, but when they're apart for even a half an hour they think about each other as if they had been ripped apart at the hip.

My son had a great time, and came home full of stories to tell about his adventures:

He attended an Archery class, saw elk, went for bike rides with Pop Pop, and went for a hike.

He also had lots of time to play in the creek, look for stuff in the water, play board games with Grandma, and shop for hunting and fishing stuff at Western Drug. 
He followed his Pop Pop around like a little shadow watching his every move, and although they won't admit it, I have a sneaking suspicion that he probably wore his grandparents plumb out, and I'm imagining that he also ate them out of house and home too. (He's a growin' boy!)

Meanwhile, back at home, we girls had a spa night!  We watched Girly kid movies and I painted nails and curled hair.  Polka- dots were the request for the day, and I did my best to fulfill their spa wishes.
Have you ever tried to paint polka dots on tiny toes?  It's harder than it looks!

Today, when my son got home, he came bearing gifts for his sisters. And they, likewise, had some for him too, along with homemade cards they made for him. While he was away, the house was much quieter, but I have to admit that the sound of giggles and laughter and running around were nice to hear again.  The break was good for all of the kids, and it also made them appreciate their friendship again. They were all smiles as they laid down to watch a movie on the living room floor. They spent an hour chatting about every detail of their time away from each other. It does this Momma proud to see that this family sticks together like glue!

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  1. So great, brought tears to my eyes. So happy for you and the love that is instilled in your children already. *smile* What a great thing for your son to have such a wonderful time doing boy things and great idea, Momma, to pamper the girls doing girly things. *smile* Glad you all had a lovely time but even more encouraged by the reunion atmosphere. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!