Monday, July 19, 2010

On my Mind

It's 6am on a Monday, and I have some things I feel compelled to tell you:

1. After all these years, I finally learned the rules about the differences between semi colons and colons.

2.Today, it's my girls' turn to go to Grandma and Pop Pop's house.  They woke up at 5:30 and asked me about belt selections, outfit choices, hair accessories, and matching shoes.  They're sitting on their suitcases at the front door and we don't leave for hours.  When my son went, I had to force him to bring more than one shirt.  His entire suitcase was filled with pocket knives, archery supplies, and work gloves.

3. Today was the day I intended to tackle painting the chicken coop, but I woke up to thunder, lightening, rain, and 700% humidity. My chickens are pecking the paint off of the outside of the coop in an obsessive compulsive manner.  At 4:45 a.m. this sounds like 5 woodpeckers drilling holes outside my window, or maybe a jack hammer. I can't decide.

4. I'm finishing up an art project that I can't wait to post about.  I'm 90% done, but the last 10% is all about the details.  It will make or break my project, and I'm in a puddle of anguish and indecision about how to finish it.  My husband just grunts when I tell him about the options.  He's no good to me in times of crafting crisis.  What I need is my mother.....which brings me to my next point....

5. My brother has stolen my parents.  He has ripped them from me and forced them into hard labor preparing his house for his soon- to- be- wife, and preparing for his wedding.  O.K....not really....they volunteered for it, but still!  I need my mother for crafting project advice; she's a visionary.  I need my dad to replace the lighting fixtures in my bathroom; my husband doesn't do electricity. (Odd isn't it?  He's not afraid of a natural gas explosion, but the guy won't touch anything with electricity involved.) Anyway, I can't have my parents back for over three more weeks and I don't know if I can make it that long.
Mom, Dad...If you're reading this, I heart you.

6. One of my chickens started to lay  really long, skinny, pointy eggs that don't fit into the carton.  I'm too embarrassed to give these away.  I will make them into egg salad.  I hope this phase doesn't last long.

7. After I said all those horrible things about my husband's corn in the spring, it was uprooted in a micro burst during a huge storm we had over the weekend.  I felt so bad that I went out there and replanted the knocked over ones, and I think they're gonna make it.  What's worse; My sunflowers came away unscathed from the incident and that made him even more upset.

8. Last night at my church small group, they were short on song books, and were trying to locate one for my husband and I. I didn't want them to fuss over it, so I made the super smart-mouthed comment that I didn't need one because the really righteous people who grew up in the church already know all of the hymns.  And right on cue, the leader said, "Tonight's hymn is  "Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord".  It was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing.


  1. #6 - You know I am all over that one if I ever see one of those eggs.

    #8 - Infidelity is no laughing matter and this will simply not do!

  2. Ha Ha Dawn! That's what happens when you stop our small group for the summer after nearly 5 years. You can't break up family like that. My Joseph Tribe sweatshirt is getting dust on it. You've forced us to move on to bigger and better small groups. We may be forced to break up with you guys permanently if you don't start back up soon.

  3. Nellie Belles...I'm MISSING you too!! :) Even though when you come down next time I must share you with...a home school conference, friends, and a diamond back game; I am just excited about getting to see you. :) I am also patiently waiting for Grammies turn with her grandbabies. :) I am sure they have all grown at least six inches since I last saw them and am looking forward to all their stories of adventure from home and their grandma and pop pop's. Grammie is still trying to figure out what we can do that is fun and exciting in 115 degree heat. :) I would love to help you out with your craft know how I LOVE craft projects, but I choose to refuse to get all melancoly about you guys living so far away. I am truley THANKFUL for every minute I get with you all and thank Jesus often for those times. I am keenly aware that you've been making the big trips lately and are greatful with all that has been going on with wedding plans that you've been willing to come down this way even into the heat. :) Thank Jesus for unlimited minutes on Verizon. I can keep in touch often and don't have to worry about minutes.'s not quite the same as being there in person...soooo I am patiently waiting for my turn...because I LOVE YOU TOO!! MOM

  4. I hope the girls have fun at their grand parent's place, that your project finishes up nicely, you enjoy your small group, that the merriage is a lovely as the wedding is sure to be, and that you have a lovely week knowing God is love. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

    p.s. I wonder what the girls will bring back for their brother and what he will give them? *smile*