Sunday, July 25, 2010

Highlights of An Overflowing Week

If we tried to pack one more activity into this week, I'm convinced that we may have busted at the seams. It's been quite a ride, and I've got the laundry pile to prove it.  Here's the very small rundown of a few of the highlights:

1. First, the girls went to Grandma and Pop Pop's house for a few days to craft, swim, hike, and go shopping.  The sheer quantity of words, and questions, and stories that come from within the depths of my little girls' minds is enough to render a grandparent completely exhausted from trying to pay attention, but I think they did a good job.  The girls were full of stories to share for days after they came home. 

2.  Meanwhile, I scraped, primed, and repainted our chicken coop mansion.

3.  Then in an act of sheer madness, we loaded up the kids, luggage, and dogs and traveled from our 67 degree weather with daily showers, to go to a 110 degree inferno of heat and humidity to attend a state home school convention.  The kids and dogs stayed at my folk's house while my husband and I attended enrichment classes, poured over hundreds of amazing books, and renewed our vision for the coming school year.  We spent time with great friends and had a wonderful, albeit H-O-T time at the conference.  We even had surprise guest appearances from our governor, and two congressmen.  Hmmm...must be an election year.

4. It was soooo hot that the handle of a thirst buster cup melted in our truck.  I think my face melted off from the reflection of the heat bouncing off of the concrete and high rise buildings of the down town area. That place is not fit for man or beast in the summer time.

5. My husband got together with my brother and the rest of the groomsmen for a "bachelor party" before the wedding....if you can even call it that.  It was a bunch of pastors and deacons having good clean fun with indoor skydiving, pool basketball, and dinner in the evening. Meanwhile, I shopped for shoes with my mother and my girls.  I found a MAJOR bargain on wedding shoes....and you know how much I heart a bargain.

6.  I went grocery shopping while I was in the big city and spent $12.00 while saving nearly $60.00 with my coupons. I got 7 free tubes of Crest toothpaste, 3 free body washes, and 3 free packs of Q-Tips. Yippeeee!

6. After church today, my folks took the entire family out to a Chinese food buffet where my son tried a smorgasbord of unique food items including: fried frog legs, crab legs, craw-dads, oysters, sea creatures and  some other cuisine that "ain't from around here", if you know what I mean.  (There may have been some cat meat on his never know about those Chinese food places.) It was like "Fear Factor" Chinese style.  He loved it!

7. We're back home to the cool country now,and all of the rain we've had is transforming my yard and the pastures into a lush oasis of green.  My garden is finally taking off!! Looks like Zucchini bread is on the menu this week!

My brain is too tired to think anymore tonight, so I'll save my adventures for another blog post!

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