Saturday, July 10, 2010

"The Purse"

Last year for our 9th anniversary, my husband went and did something so out of his character, that it rendered me speechless.  And, folks, speechless is something that never happens to me.  He bought me a purse....not just any purse, but this one pictured above.  Did I ask for a purse?  No.  Did I pick out this purse? No.  He just saw it, thought it looked cool, and bought it for me.  My burly, mustache wearing, cattle raising, weld making, big- game hunter of a husband picked out a purse for his little lady.  I truly didn't know what to say to such an outrageous handbag.  Truth be told, I honestly didn't think that I could even pull it off.  I mean, it takes quite a woman, with a whole lot of grit and gumption to pull off a purse like this.  It's a little bit like owning a gnome statue or cowboy boot planter.  You can't just have it, you have to OWN it or it looks ridiculous.

For two days, it hung on the door knob of my hall closet with the tags still on it, and I just stared at it every time I walked by.  Was it hideously crazy, or ridiculously cool?  I couldn't decide.  I think it's a little of both. My husband thought I'd appreciate the crosses on it because we are Christians.  But they looked more "Rock Star" than "old rugged cross" like the one Jesus died on.  Was it offensive to wear something with a fancy cross on it, or was it proclaiming my love for my Savior?  I just couldn't decide, and I agonized over it.   Finally, I decided to cut the tags off and take it out in public.  This started a full year of getting approached by absolute strangers wanting to talk about my purse.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that I get at least one comment on it every day that I go out into public.  Cashiers, cowgirls, common folk, and construction workers alike, all want to talk about my purse.

Two weeks ago, I walked into the beauty salon and ten women swarmed me.  They passed my purse around the shop, and one customer offered to buy it from me right on the spot.  Then, they all asked where I bought it.  This was the most embarrassing part, husband bought it for me at the Tack Shop.  That's right, the Tack in the place to buy livestock feed, saddles and veterinary supplies.  NOT a fancy department store, NOT a trendy boutique, and NOT a high priced fashion mall, but a feed store.  I felt my cheeks getting flush the minute I said it, but I couldn't take the words back once they came out.  I could have lied and said that it came from a little corner shop in Dallas, or a boutique in Beverly Hills and then felt ultra hip, and fashionable, but the guilt would have eaten me up.  So instead, I told the truth......and I was surprised when the girls all wanted directions to the Tack Shop. 

Last night my Lover took me out on a hot date, and the waitress said, "Cute purse, I'll be right back. " Then she came out to show me hers, and it was the exact same one in black and white.  One day, the person in line behind me took a picture of it with her camera phone, and another time an old man told me I was pretty "gutsy" to wear a cow hide purse like that.  On many occasions, it opens up conversations about God, and that's what I really enjoy most about it.  For better or worse, my outrageous, borderline tacky purse gets LOTS of attention.  There's only one other thing that gets noticed as much as my purse and that is my Bling Belt.....but I'll save that story for later. 


  1. Wow!!! ADORABLE! I wish my local feed store carried something so cute! The only bags they have are feed bags....ha ha! xo

  2. I have always been impressed by how amazing this purse is and you knack at "owning" it!!! :) So cute that your husband bought it for you!!!