Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Blog about Nothing.

Lately, my life has been extremely, maliciously, unthinkably, unequivocally, wholeheartedly,strenuously, genuinely,rigorously,appallingly, and insanely busy.

There. I said it.... in a nut shell.

In honor of the craziness at our home, I will blog about the random things in my mind at this very moment.

1.  96.7% of my garden is ripening all at one time.  My daughter picked a bucket of green beans, a strainer of sugar snap peas, 6 Zucchini, 2 yellow squash and 23 tomatoes yesterday, and I wanted to hide behind my shower curtain.  I don't have the time to process all of those vegetables in one day! I would make a very bad Amish Woman.

2. The sunflowers have taken over my garden.  One of them has a head on it the size of a pie plate.  I love them. My husband hates them. Yesterday we got into a highly philosophical debate about the definition of a "weed".  Sunflowers are not weeds. Period. The End.

3. I'm teaching a Medieval times unit study to my co-op class, and I bought 2 songs from the time period off of  iTunes to play on my iPod during class.  My iPod also plays on my alarm clock.  I've been waking up to medieval flute music for 3 days now and haven't had time to change it.  I wake up every morning wanting to eat a roasted turkey leg and wash it down with a pint of watered down beer.  It's like waking up at the Renaissance Festival every day.  I must do something about this.

4. My son, who's life revolves around football practice right now, has had a cathartic moment on the field this week where he transformed from nice homeschooled kid to aggressive wildebeest.  He ran up to the fence during water break to say, "Hey Mom, guess what? I just made some kid cry!"  What does a Christian mom say to this? 

5. I wanted to take a picture of my girls in the sunflowers along our road, but there was a snake meandering through the weeds, and my youngest girl wouldn't go anywhere near the sunflowers.  So I took a picture of my oldest, and some old lady had the nerve to stop me and say, "Why aren't you taking any pictures of your little girl?  Do you like the older one better?"  What?  Really? People need to mind their own business.
6.  My husband doesn't really like it when I tilt the camera like I did here for "artistic" flare.  He thinks it just looks crooked. I like it.

7. Our cat, Miss Kitty, has had this slight problem grooming her back, and she had two horrible spots with matted down fur.  It looked like she had little kitty dreadlocks.  My husband held her in his lap while I performed surgery with the scissors. the untrained eye...she looks like she has mange, and I think she is somehow psychologically aware of other people's perceptions of her with bald spots.  I went to take a picture of her, and she rolled over on her back to cover up the hack job.  Her self- esteem has been permanently damaged, I'm certain of it.

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  1. Okay, so I have missed a LOT here, but I just had to laugh out LOUD! when I read the sun flower one. It's funny what people choose to comment on and what they choose to pretend they don't notice. *smile* As for your football boy, not sure what to say to that. *smile* All the best in the coming week. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!