Monday, August 30, 2010

Feels Like Fall

The last few days there have been sure signs that Fall is just around the corner on our mountain.  Here are the reasons I'm sure of it:

1. I had to get up in the middle of the night to put on a pair of sweats because our summer sheets weren't warm enough. Time to bring out the flannel!

2. I woke up to that fall breeze that makes the clouds race across the sky all day long.  It felt like a Winnie the Pooh kind of "blustery" day.

3. My kids asked for a mug of hot apple cider while completing their school work. (They usually ask for Otter Pops.)

4. The crickets are chirping much slower in the evenings.

6. I sprung out of bed this morning and ground wheat berries to make a loaf of bread so I could warm the kitchen up.  I LOVE the smell of bread baking in the kitchen!

7.  I made baked oatmeal with peaches on the bottom for breakfast.  Cold cereal just didn't sound good to me.

8.  I froze my hind end off at my son's football practice this evening, even though I had on jeans, two layers of shirts, a sweatshirt, and a blanket for my legs.  As soon as the sun goes down, it gets chilly on that field.

9.  I'm  starting to crave a good highschool football game.  There's nothing like bundling up on a Friday night and taking big quilts and a thermos of hot chocolate to a football game.  It's even more perfect when the family shares a big bag of kettle corn.  Man I love that stuff!!!

10. I've got wood cutting on the brain.  I crave the sound of the saw echoing through the trees, and the smell of freshly cut wood.  I love coming home to a batch of posse stew, or chili in the crockpot. 

I'm sure we have a mixture of warm days and cool nights ahead of us for a few more weeks, but I know that Autumn is knocking at our doorstep.  It's my favorite time of the year!

I plan on cramming as many sunflower pics as possible on my blog while they last!

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