Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Danger of Testing Out Your Children's New Toys

It's that time of year when parents are obligated to perform a rigorous trial-testing of all of their children's new toys...but purely for safety reasons, of course.

Not for pleasure.

No. That would be wrong. Very Wrong.

My kids got some new games for the Wii from their grandparents. The games were called, "Just Dance" and "Just Dance III".  After watching them dance to a few songs, we became concerned that the remotes were malfunctioning because their scores were very low.

We did what any concerned parents would do.

We ripped the remotes out of their tiny little hands and had a fierce dance competition!

Because of my competitive nature and my impetuous need to win at all costs, I hesitated to accept the challenge.  This is the one area that my husband could really kick my tail.  He's got moves. John Travolta moves. Patrick Swayze moves.  Twirl your partner 'round the floor moves. It's one of the reasons I married we could dance in the kitchen with our socks on.

He selected a totally random song, "Eye of the Tiger".  It's the one from the Rocky movies, so naturally the dance we performed was full of boxing moves.

We punched, we shuffled, we shook our hips.  We even did "Jazz hands".

The whole song, our scores were neck in neck.

The dance meters were overflowing with bonus points!

The kids were cheering.  My husband was sweating. I was huffing and puffing.  It was intense!

In the end, my husband beat me by a hair. I'm telling you...he's got moves!

We were so exhausted after all of the boxing moves that we agreed to hand the remotes back over to the children.

Yesterday, we were so sore that we could hardly get out of bed. We could hardly bend over. We were sore in places we didn't know we could be sore in.

As soon as the muscle spasms and tightness go away, we're going to have a "Just Dance" re-match.

This time we'll wait until after the kids go to bed so we get the Wii to ourselves.
This time I'll choose the song.
This time, I shall be victorious!


See? My Man is always taking every opportunity to "dip" me. I told you he's got moves!


  1. I love the picture of you guys! And I love dancing. I wish my husband loved dancing as much as yours does, but I do think we could have fun with the Wii :)

  2. OMG!! I have tears of laughter streaming down my face! That is hiliarous! Im at work right now at the farm and just read your whole post to my brother and now he's laughing too! I know Ryan and I will be like that with our children too one day! You guys are great! xo

  3. I suggest next post you give credit to where it is due... you were edged out of the dance competition by only one reason... the spirit and influence of Michael Bolton. I think THAT is where these moves were awaken from out of the ashes like a Phoenix! You can ask Pete, I am sure he will agree.