Monday, December 12, 2011

For the Glory of the King

Last night, my trio of cuties starred in a beautiful Christmas musical at church along with the rest of their fabulous homeschool co-op. Whenever you dress up little kids like characters from the Nativity, it's gonna be adorable, no matter what!  They worked hard, and did such a great job!

They've been practicing for the big performance all semester in music class, and every day at home.  Whenever three kids play a musical CD every day, the entire household can't help but learn all of the songs.

My girls were each in a duet with one of their friends. My middle daughter was so excited to sing her song, and she looked precious on that stage.

My son was one of the main characters who narrated the musical.  We were so proud of him! Four years ago, we paid $50 for him to be in a music class and he refused to even move his lips. This year, not only did he sing but he also memorized pages of lines for his part.  This boy really moved out of his comfort zone in this area. He loves sports, but singing is not his first choice of extracurricular activities, so it meant the world to us that he put forth his best effort to have a great performance.  
( He did shed a small tear over having to wear a tie, but we let him wear his cowboy boots and buckle instead of making him wear shiny black church shoes. It's all about compromise with boys. LOL!)

 My baby was so cute to watch.  Look at those little hands.

My oldest daughter looked heavenly in her angel costume. She practiced so much, and sang her songs all day long as she did school, chores, and played around the house.  She took her job very seriously!

 My baby sang "Away in a Manger" with one of her friends, and the crowd just melted.  Her soft little voice was just precious to this mama.

 The Musical was called "For the Glory of the King", and the kids did a great job of sharing the true meaning of Christmas with the audience. It was a beautiful night.


  1. They look so adorable! And I completely understand, you are's definitely all about compromise with boys! (And knowing which battles to pick and which ones to just let go)

  2. OH....wish we could've HEARD this as well! Great pictures! Beautiful children!
    Merry Christmas!