Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Delivering Beef for Christmas

 Today, with the help of my three little elves, I'm going to deliver some beef to a few people on our Christmas list.  Dairy producers give cheese, farmers give fruit and nuts, and ranchers give roasts. LOL!  Our gifts of beef were home-grown, and raised with love for over a year. We're so excited to share our bounty with good friends.

(We've even got some smoked beef bones for some of our canine friends!)

I'm so giddy that my babies are BACK! They had a ball at their grandparents' house, and I got lots of things crossed off on my "To Do" list while they were away, but I missed them so much! I'm excited to have a noisy, boisterous house again.

Grandma sent me these frequent photo updates while they were gone. They had a full schedule of activities! Grandma bought them new winter hats,  and they all made a snow family.

They also went Christmas shopping, baked cookies, took a hike, made crafts, and went Christmas Caroling at the Senior Center. 

 Pop Pop and Grandma must be EXHAUSTED!

We're off to deliver Christmas cheer! I hope your week is going well!



  1. What a neat idea! But all's I can think of is those beef commercials with Matthew McConaughey talking - "Beef, it's what's for Christmas" :-)

  2. Lucky ones getting the meat basket. We have been only eating our own beef for the last 3 years. I had to cook some store bought hamburger recently and thought it had already turned. My husband assured me that it had always smelled that way, I just hadn't know any better.