Monday, December 19, 2011

So Much to Enjoy on this Snowy Day!

It's Monday morning, and I woke up to an eerily quiet house. It's snowing heavily outside...again.... and the only sounds I hear are coming from a crackling fire in the wood stove. The kids went to spend the night at Pop Pop and Grandma's house, and my husband left early this morning to go and work out in the white stuff.

So what's a girl to do with a WHOLE day by herself?

1. Turn on some Christmas tunes! The house is way too quiet without the kids.

2. Work on the Christmas letter and Christmas cards since I have the little lap-top all to myself, today.

3. Procrastinate Christmas shopping for one more day. Heavy snow + shopping = No fun.

4. Wrap some gifts.

If I get the first 4 things on my list completed, then I'm going to try a new cookie recipe!

This weekend we had dinner with friends on Friday night.  During dessert, my husband used us all as his audience so he could record himself making a persuasive speech for one of his on-line business communication courses. On Saturday morning, my friends and I went shopping at some of our favorite shops on the mountain, and then out to lunch at a delicious cafe. It was so much fun,  and we love to support local business! Saturday night, the kids had a church swim party at the (indoor) pool, and we got a little shopping done.  My husband finished his 15 page paper, and he now has a small break before his next semester starts. Hallelujah!

Sunday morning, we woke up early for church. It was our family's turn to light the advent wreath on stage while my husband read from the book of Luke.  There's only one candle left to light!  My husband and I attended a Christmas party without the kids, then dinner and games with friends.

What a busy weekend!

I can't wait for the exciting week ahead filled with church, baking,  family, friends, and gift giving! I'd better get started on those Christmas cards, or they'll never arrive on time!


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  1. Sounds like a nice day for you! My oldest daughter is now in charge of our Christmas letter....(I did not do well with that task!) The snow sounds lovely - well actually the quietness of the snow sounds lovely! Hope you have a very blessed Christmas!