Monday, December 5, 2011

Ditching the Snow for a Day!

It's Monday morning, and it's STILL snowing here. In case you're counting, that's the fifth day in a row that the snow's been flying. Despite the winter storm, we had to drive to Phoenix this weekend for our son's baseball tournament.  It snowed on us for the first two hours of the trip, and then the weather got better as the elevation dropped.  Here's what we drove down to:

It's fun to drive from snow to desert in a few hours.  Arizona is so diverse!

Here's my boy pitching in one of his games.

 He's so serious!

Here's an action shot of my boy running home. It was a close play and we were all yelling, "down!!"  Evidently he felt like he had plenty of time to leisurely stomp on the plate without sliding.  No worries.

After the tournament ended, we had to head back up the mountain in time for the evening feeding. I took pictures along the way so you can see the progression from desert to mountains.

 Guess who came sprinting to the corral when they heard the diesel engine? That's right, I've got these heifers fully trained in a day. I told you they'd be eating out of my hand in no time.

It looked like the ladies had just had an Elvis sighting when my husband walked in with hay bales. They stampeded and were all over him like he was the "King".  Raising heifers is like having a bunch of Jr. High school kids.  They're little punks who show fleeting moments of maturity, and then turn around and do incredibly stupid things.  I love this age!

When we finally arrived home that night, we had a slight crisis on our hands.  The Nativity scene was in disarray.  It appears as though Joseph, Baby Jesus, and the livestock have been burried alive in snow, and the stable roof caved in.  Mary is the only one that seems to have survived the incident, although she looks a bit chilly in that cool night air.  We're gonna have to dig them out ASAP!

Stay toasty on this chilly Monday!



  1. Talk about weather extremes...I'll take the top ones;)

  2. Ooooo! I'll take the snow, send some our way please :)

  3. Wow! That weather diversity is great! I'd love some snow...but we only get it every couple of years...and only for a few days....Rain...we get rain here!