Friday, December 2, 2011

Feeding Time

This winter storm has reeked havoc on the whole area.  We debated moving the cows to their winter pasture last week, but the weather reports called for rain at their current pasture(1500 ft lower than our house), so we held the move off.  There's still plenty of grass here, and we like to utilize as much of it as possible before moving them to the other side of the mountain. 

As you can see, the gamble didn't pay off and the rain came in the frozen form. For the next four to five days, we'll have to feed hay.

I had to plow my way back to the stock tank at the back of the pasture to check for ice.  The snow was past my knees, but my trusty Sorrel snow boots kept my feet nice and toasty.  Schlepping through knee- deep snow is quite a work-out!

Dearest Sorrel Snow Boots,
You + Me = True Love 4 ever.

 I love the way cows walk in a single file line through the snow when they're coming in for feeding time.  They really are smart creatures.

Feeding time always attracts the most precious little birds.  They hang out on the gate and wait for a little morsel of food.

In true heifer style, some of the young gals were leery about coming into the corral for hay while I was still around.  After all, this is their first winter feeding of the season, and they've been out to pasture for 9 months with little human interaction.  But you just wait.  After a day or two, they'll come running when they hear that diesel engine pull up to the gate, and I'll have them eating out of my hand like the Pied Piper.

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  1. It is absolutely beautiful and what a sight to see those deep dark cows against that wonderful white!

    Although they must be a whole lot of work it sounds as though you make the best of it! That glass of yours always seems to be 1/2 FULL :)