Monday, November 8, 2010

Buying Jeans with my Mother

This weekend the guys all went hunting, so the girls and I spent our days in the valley conquering the mall and other stores with my mom.

My mother and I both bought jeans this weekend.  Here are the pros and cons to shopping with my mother:

Cons: We are worlds apart in our fashion tastes.  Worlds apart. This leads to rolling of the eyes and sticking our fingers down our throats whenever one of us trys to suggest a blouse for the other.

Her: "How about this one?"
Me: "I think I saw that shirt on an episode of The Golden Girls."

Me: "I think this peasant top would look great on you!"
Her: "I might have owned that top in the '60's."

Her: "The back pockets are so low on those jeans, it looks like the buttons will hurt you when you sit down."
Me: "Mom, that's the style. Low Rise.  They will look amazing with my bling belt."
Her: "For that price, you could buy 5 pairs at Walmart. Have you ever tried on a pair of "Lee" jeans at  Walmart?....they're wonderful!"
Me: " But Mom, they wouldn't look nearly as cool."

Pros: (This is a biggie.) We are brutally honest when we critique each other's outfits.  If I say, "Does my butt look big in these jeans?" I know my mom will call it like she sees it.  That benefit alone makes her invaluable to bring along when there are serious decisions to be made. Honesty is hard to come by these days.  If you have an honest shopping partner, then half the battle is already won, ladies!!!!

My rule is: Never take anyone jeans shopping with you unless they would tell you if you had a booger on your face.  In fact, that's actually one of my most important qualities for choosing my friends in general.  You can't go wrong with honest friends. 

Anyway, after a long day of shopping we had to replenish all of those lost calories with a piece of pumpkin pie cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.  I would show you a picture of it, but I inhaled my piece before I thought of taking a photo of it's beauty.  It was so good, I almost cried.

This weekend there was also a little bit of rollerskating action with the girls.

No, that's not me in the pants.  I was behind the camera lens.

It was my mother.  Also known as "The rollerskating Grammie"
How many Grammies do you know that roller skate right along side their grandkids?

Not many. 

She might be the only one.

That's one of the many reasons I love her. 

P.S. She's an old pro. She owns her own skates. She's better than me.

The End.

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