Tuesday, November 9, 2010

High on the Cute Factor

This  morning while my husband was out checking cows in the yearling pasture, he noticed that one of our steers was looking kind of punky so we went out this evening to doctor him and I got a shot of this precious little bull calf...the newest member of the pasture.

Remember our Old Mammy cow that's keeping her eye on the weaned calves?

She started looking really chunky.  I mean, Large Marge chunky.
The kids started calling her Moto Moto, you know, the big hippo on Madagascar II.
Turns out, she was just heavy with calf.
Isn't he cute? You should see him when his nose is covered in milk.  I love it!

OK, so maybe calves aren't as cute to other people as they are to me, but I think they're precious!

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