Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Prep Work

It's T-minus 2 days until Thanksgiving, and I've got a full day of baking to do tomorrow in preparation for the big feast on Thursday.  The problem is that my family is chock full of pumpkin haters, and cream cheese haters.  This makes being in charge of desserts a very big challenge.  Will I still make some desserts with pumpkin and/or cream cheese?  You bet I will!  BUT....I also have to think of several things that don't have a trace of those two ingredients in them.

I'm thinking...apple praline pie, coconut cream pie, and something with Oreos in it...hmmm??? I'll have to think on that one.  The bottom line is...I must think outside the box.

This year we're traveling down to warm weather to celebrate Thanksgiving.  The temperature will be in the low 60's (F).....ahhhhh heavenly.  I just looked at our local weather and it won't even get above freezing here!  It's going to be practically bikini weather down there, when compared to home.

I'm also looking forward to Black Friday shopping on the morning after Thanksgiving.  We'll be in a city that has real malls and stores and not just a Walmart.  Yipppeee!

I've got so much to buy, bake, and pack before we leave that I've got to get off of this computer!  I'm also teaching my 3rd grader long division AND algebra,  my kindergartner's learning how to read, and I'm teaching my 2nd grader cursive.  Three tough things all at once!  It will be a miracle if I find any time at all for baking tomorrow.  We may have to start Thanksgiving break a day early!

All of this baking benefits the chickens too!  They get all of my apple peels and veggie scraps!  Today's treat: Pumpkin!

I've gotta go make my shopping list!  Goodbye for now.

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  1. Can't wait for our special date. You're father is definately trying to figure out what we are up too. :)