Friday, November 19, 2010

In a Nutshell

Wow, this week has been LOADED with activities for me! I'm so sorry I've neglected the blog the past couple of days, but I've barely had time to put on mascara, let alone type on the computer. Here's the wrap-up:

1. Wednesday- Very Bad.  Started with cleaning up cat vomit at 6 am and went downhill from there.  I got a stomach virus, we found a bug in our noodles at lunch, threw them away and grabbed Taco Bell.  That about sums it up. You don't want to know the only got worse.

2. Thursday we had our final homeschool co-op for the semester and we had a huge Medieval Feast that evening to culminate our unit study on the time period.  It was fabulous! We had over 60 people dressed as knights, princesses, queens, monks, peasants, and noblemen.  What I love best about our group is that the parents aren't afraid to dress up right along side their children...and all in the name of learning! There were so many interesting dishes that were true to the time period, and we had a ball learning all about the lavish celebrations they had during that era.  

I was one tired mama by the time I got home that night!

3. Today I took the girls to ballet, and then spent the entire afternoon roasting turkey, baking pies, and making side dishes for our annual church Thanksgiving dinner.  We were so blessed to have the Southwestern College Chorale provide the singing for the evening.  It's not often that our small community gets to experience this type of culture and entertainment, so we were all mesmerized.  The kids were wide eyed, and totally enthralled in the music.  My baby was so inspired by the conductor that she picked up her plastic knife and started to mimic his directing.  She swung her little arms exactly like he did throughout many of the songs.  It was priceless!

Despite the fact that I'm very much behind on both laundry, and blogging, it was totally worth it to experience two full days of amazing activities and piles and piles of food choices!

Good bye until tomorrow!

Your very exhausted and overstuffed friend,


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