Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Wrap-up

When we left yesterday to make our trek down the mountain, I begged my husband to let our two dogs ride up in the cab with us because it was so chilly outside.  I couldn't imagine them sitting in the back of the truck for 4 hours in temperatures below freezing.  My husband reluctantly gave in to my pleading and big brown doe eyes.  Not 5 minutes into our journey, my very old cow dog started getting gassy, and we had to roll the windows down in the freezing cold to get the stale air out of the truck.  I could feel the "I told you so" stares coming from the driver's seat but I kept my eyes straight ahead and pretended nothing at all was going on in the back seat.  I thought to myself..."This could be a very long trip if this old dog doesn't mind his manners."  Besides that one minor detail, the drive went by quickly.

This morning I woke up to the smell of turkey baking in the old turkey roaster.  It used to be my Granny's, and it's faithfully cooked our family's Thanksgiving turkey my whole life.

Every year while the Turkey is cooking, my mom and I look through the sales flyers and chart out our plan of attack for Black Friday while we watch the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. Then, everyone comes to the house around lunchtime, and we feast the day away.
For as long as I can remember, my whole family has also fought over the pre-dinner deviled eggs.  If you arrive late, then "No Deviled Eggs for You!"  They're a hot commodity around these parts.  The black olives go quickly too.....especially when my children do this with their fingers:

I remember doing that very same thing when I was little.  I guess some things never change!

Dinner was fabulous, and as always, I ate waaaaaay too much.  Afterward, we had a fierce tournament in the backyard.  We love to play a game called "Washoes." I don't know how to describe it other than to tell you that you try to toss giant metal washers into a board with three holes in it. My Hubby and I gained back our reigning title from my brother and his wife.  It feels good to be a Champion! We even performed out trademark "Happy Dance" to seal the victory.

The day was even better because temperatures were nearly 70 degrees F. down in the valley,  while it was snowy back home.  We ate dinner on tables on the back porch of my folk's house and it couldn't have been more perfect weather.  We had such a fabulous Thanksgiving.

Up next....a full day of shopping! I've got to catch a few winks before I fight the crowds for the great deals!

Good Night.

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  1. That washer game is called Texas Horseshoe in Canada : )