Friday, December 10, 2010

Ballerina Princesses

My girls had a ballet recital today.  I just love to watch them dance because they are so feminine, and poised, and graceful.  They are everything I'm not, and I love to see their delicate side.  When they're at home, they freely dance around the house as if they were floating through the air.  Their minds are somewhere off in an enchanted land or in the arms of some Prince Charming.  They love to dance.
My oldest girl loves to dance when no one is watching, and is serious about the art.  She knows the language of ballet, and the instructor often speaks in French for much of her class.  Even though she's been dancing since she was 2, I'm still amazed that she can perform a number of dance moves that sound completely foreign to me.

My baby's just happy to flit around the gym in her pink tutu.  She's been taking class for 2 years now, and still just enjoys the freedom to dance like a princess.  It's all fun and games for her! 

She trys her best to remember to point, and balance, and smile....and sometimes it takes ALL her concentration.  I know she's trying REALLY, REALLY hard when she sticks out her little tongue to help her focus.  I must have taken 20 pictures of her with that tongue sticking out today!!! Look at the pictures below to see exactly what I mean:
That sweet, sweet baby girl. 

Do you know what's even more wonderful? My girls have the privilege of having a Christian ballet teacher, and their dances are choreographed to beautiful Christian music with powerful words.  When they perform, it's as if they are dancing for the Lord, himself.   I always get a lump in my throat when I see my precious babies out there performing.  They are so special to me! 

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  1. BRAVO!! BRAVO!! I just love my sweet baby girls, wished I could have been their in person to watch. Sooooo glad you have this blog so that Grammie can see some things through pictures. Makes me miss my sweet grandbabies soooo much!!! Of course, they are starting to get sooo big, especially our oldest, he is almost as tall as Grammie. :( LOVE LOVE all my babies. Grammie :)