Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Cosmetic Conundrum

Last night, I was walking down the cosmetic aisle of Walmart.  I needed to pick up some lip liner.  I found my usual color selection in the bin next to the lipsticks when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye.  It was a special package deal that had my lip liner, plus the matching lipstick together in one pack for a "special" price.

"What's the big deal?", you're asking.

The package that contained my shade of lip liner had a picture of a gorgeous, dark skinned woman with voluptuous lips.  Herein lies the problem.  I am light skinned.  Does this mean that this shade doesn't suit my skin color?  I was immediately paralyzed with indecision.

If the cosmetic company would have had a picture of the skin color that matches the lipstick ten years ago, then I wouldn't have bought it.  Have I been wearing the wrong lip color for ten whole years? Now I'm questioning my ability to pick out make-up.

I need consultation.

I need guidance.

I need a make over.

What I really need is to drive to the nearest mall and pay a visit to the woman at the beauty counter.  But the mall is 3 1/2 hours away!

THIS IS A COSMETIC CRISIS!!!( Not to be confused with a real crisis.)

I do not have the extra funds to purchase 7 or 8 types of lip liner to decide which one looks amazing on my lips.  I must be able to try a wide assortment, and then purchase ONE.

I must consult a cosmetological expert about this. Clearly, I can't be trusted to choose my own lipstick. Clearly I've been pretending to have luscious dark skinned lips instead of learning to love the lips that God gave me.  Clearly, my lips are having an identity crisis!

It gets worse. I have a company Christmas party to attend on Saturday, and I have no time for a 7 hour round trip to the mall to get this mess straightened out.  If I don't wear lipstick, my lips will feel naked.  But I don't know if I can go on pretending that I have the lips of a dark skinned woman anymore.

I must know if it's OK to wear a lipstick if my skin doesn't coordinate with the one on the package?

Is lipstick like nail polish...anyone can wear it?  Do I need to consult a color wheel?

I need your help, blogging friends.

If you don't respond, I may be resigned to wearing my daughter's Bonnie Bell Lipsmacker to the party.

Your Cosmetically Challenged Compadre,



  1. I am not the one to give makeup advice but if Pete's not complaining then...

    You ARE just a pale Hawaiian. Those voluptuous lips of YOURS didn't come from no where.

    I say put a plumeria in your hair and live out loud!

  2. I don't think that the color you wear is too dark. It's more of a neutral brown color than anything. It would be a light color on a dark woman. If you change anything I would add some pink or red tints :-)

  3. This is a good point,Dawn. If I lived in a tropical place instead of the mountains, maybe my olive Hawaiian complexion would emerge instead of the pasty white skin that's covered in warm clothing 9 months out of the year.

    Krystle, since you are a bit of a make-up guru, I will definitely take this into consideration!

  4. I think it's all about balance. It your lips are a darker/noticeable shade then the eyes should be light with makeup. If you are going with a dark smokey eye then I think a lighter lip color is nice. Too much color on the lip and too heavy of eye make up, at the same time, is too much. That's what I have always been told anyways. Good luck! xo

  5. Well, how could I not get in on this conversation? I am very pale, too, and have received training from several makeup artists....and they always say 'lighter and brighter' makes you look younger. And peaches and pinks always make you look healthy and young. I LOVE the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks- particularly Born With It and Totally Toffee. I then always add a gloss...gloss is a KEY to looking fresh and healthy even in the dead of winter....L'oreal makes some great ones...the Colour Juice tubes are my favorites like Strawberry Smoothie...a nice pink or peach can be put on top of a neutral lipstick for several different that's my 2 cents!
    Have fun at the party!!!!

  6. I think you look beautiful! :) Since I rarely even wear did I birth a daughter who LOVES make-up. Ha Ha However, your Granny and Grandma both loved their make-up. I did notice they use to wear different colors with the seasons and outfits. I'm sure MANY different colors would look beautiful on you. What you need is Corey's mom....where is that Avon representative when you need her. Don't they have lot's of samples to try? I'm sure what ever you wear, both on your lips and your body will look beautiful. MOM

  7. Thank you gals for the splendid advice! I'm going to go back to that make-up aisle armed with my new knowledge, and I will search high and low for the PERFECT one!

    Ashley, I'm so glad to see your Sassy Gal opinion because you KNOW your stuff! I'm takin' notes on colors and brands and I'm going to give my lips a make-over! By the way...I'm totally into glosses! I have like six of them in my purse to choose from!