Monday, December 6, 2010

A Christmas Tree Hunt

Because we are blessed to live high up in the mountains, and because we love adventure, and because it costs a mere $15.00 for a permit, we cut our own Christmas tree each year.

Our pursuit starts in the fall.  While we are in the woods cutting firewood, we keep our eyes open for the perfect tree cutting areas.  Places that:

1. Are off the beaten path. (These are easy to find because the forest is gargantuan in size.)
2. get lots of sunshine...(Not deep in the woods).
3. have many of the type of tree we are looking for.

After we have selected the area, we cross our fingers and hope that the snow isn't too deep, and the roads are not closed so that we can actually get to the area.

 Here are the serious tree hunters...keeping their eyes open wide so they don't miss the perfect tree.
We decided to cross this little valley to see what was on the other side. 

Note to self: Trees that look small from across the meadow, are really giant sized when you get closer.

While I was nearly dying and out of breath from hiking over hills and through the snow with my five year old, my son was "frolicking" through the stuff.  Show off.

My baby said her legs were getting tired, so Daddy got suckered into carrying her on his shoulders.
That's much better. Look at her little smile.

From this vantage point, she can use her eagle eye to spot the good trees.
She's saying, "Go that way Daddy, I think I see one!"

I spotted "the one", and called in the troops.  Do you see how it's glowing, like a sign from heaven?  That's how you know. 

With careful instruction from dad, my boy started sawing at the base of the tree.

The troops are inspecting the job.

Now comes the hard part.  My poor lover has to drag it back to the truck.  We walked a long way!

Still walking. (Isn't that a beautiful looking tree?)

Now we load up the tree and put a tag on it.  We cut some extra greens to use throughout the house as well.

Stay tuned for part II: The finished product!


  1. I saw you driving home and caught a glimpse of the tree in my rear-view mirror! GORGEOUS!!!!

    I can't wait to see it all decorated! I LOVE looking at all your ornaments!!!

  2. Me too!! Each ornament has a special story or moment that it brings back to memory. :) Still haven't found a box to send your ornament from mom and dad this year. :) Your tree looked beautiful in the picture. I'm sure it's a "winner". :) And to think it only cost $15, you are the ultimate shopper.