Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Pomade Incident

Last night, Lover and I had a Christmas party to attend, so we hired a sitter to watch the kids. 

I was in the bathroom, curling my hair, when my 9 year old son stood right beside me and started to comb his hair.

me- " What are you doing?"

him-" I'm doing my hair before I go with Dad to pick up the babysitter."

me- "What?"

him- "Does this look OK? I want it to be combed up in the front."

I felt him to make sure he wasn't feverish.

Who was this kid, and where did my son go? My son has a ball cap on his head so often, that at times I wonder if it is going to need to be surgically removed from his scalp. It's his alternative to hair combing. He wears hats. Always. Period.

The only time he combs his hair is for:
a. church
b. weddings
c. funerals

So when he voluntarily went into the bathroom to "do" his hair all by himself, I nearly fainted.  Not only did he comb it, but he put pomade in it too!!!!

All I could think of was, "What's gotten into this kid?"

me- "Who the heck are you trying to impress?"

This was my fatal mistake.  He suddenly got all red in the face and gave me "the look."  I knew not to press him any further or he might regress back to his old ways.  I shut up immediately, but my mind was whirling with curiosity.

Was he trying to impress our 14 year old babysitter?

Was he suddenly caring about his "looks"?

Why does he want to be "cool" all of the sudden?

This one little hair incident might not seem like much, but I think I'm on to something here.  I think I sense a change in this boy.  I think....quite possibly...that he may be...growing up??!!

I think I need a tissue.

Feeling not ready for changes,


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  1. I'm soooo happy you found me...cuz I adore you and your blog....we may have to meet sometime! Kindred spirits.

    I LOVED your 'sticker salute'...that is soooo the sweetest thing...I LOVE little churches and the people we get to love Jesus with!

    Your Xmas post blessed me....just blessed me to no end.

    And the pomade? OH MY. It gives me heart palpitations...cuz my day is coming! haha

    God bless you in AZ!
    Ashley "Sassy Gal"