Friday, December 3, 2010

A Special Family Evening to Remember

Last night we loaded up the kids and had a very special date night with Grandma and Pop Pop.  They treated us to an extraordinary "experience" that  we would never be able to afford, and won't soon forget.

The night started off with a buffet style dinner at a fabulous restaurant and lodge in a nearby town. The food was Incredible!  Prime Rib, pork loin, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and the most amazing beef tenderloin that I have EVER experienced.  And I know my beef! It melted in your mouth and pulled apart with a fork.  I'm still dreaming about it. I would have paid a large sum of money for the recipe. I tried it all!  It was a feast like none other!

Then came the desserts:
little Petit fours, cakes, and pies...all for the grabbing.
And it was all in a lodge setting with roaring fireplaces, and beautiful Christmas decorations.  The night could have ended there, and I would have been utterly satisfied.  But wait...there was more!

Next, a trolley came and picked us up to take us to "The North Pole".

Once we arrived, we toured a bit of a toy "Hall of fame" where there was a showcasing of classic toys. They were displayed in the most exquisite way. Beautiful. 

Here was my favorite:
Every girl dreams of an Easy bake oven!

Next, we entered "Santa's Workshop" where the kids made toys for homeless children.  Pictures just don't do it justice. 

Here are the bears the girls made.

Next, the kids had Christmas cookies and snowman soup (hot chocolate).

Isn't this tree over the top?  It totally wouldn't go in my cowboy/ country Christmas house, but I was enamored with it, and wanted to take it home immediately!  It was a true work of art!
There was no detail left undone.  Entering the doors was like stepping into a fairytale!

Aren't these elf shoes cute?

After attending an elf class, and touring Santa's office, the kids got to have a chat with "the man" himself.

Side note:
Santa said, "What would you like for Christmas?" Do you know what my kids asked for? Virtually nothing.  Finally after some serious prompting, my son said, "winter socks".  The girls said they didn't need anything. Santa didn't know what to say.  I got the feeling that these weren't his usual customers.

You see, my kids know that Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, and they also know all about the real St. Nicholas.  He was an amazing Christian who gave most of his inherited wealth away to those less fortunate than he was.  St. Nicholas gave to others at Christmas time in the spirit of the one who gave his life for our sins. Jesus gave us the very best gift! (I know I just got "preachy" on ya! I just couldn't help it! LOL!!) My babies made their momma smile.  They know that it's not about the "stuff". They are truly little "givers"!

(I could have left that part out, but my blog is my journal, and I want to remember this stuff!  Besides, I've got to keep it real.)

OK...back to the story.

After we saw Santa, we went outside next to a roaring fire, and even got a glimpse at the reindeer stables while we waited for the trolley to take us back to the lodge.
Even though the rest of the stables were dark, we could tell where Rudolph slept.  His red nose lit up his stall, and gave him away!

After the trolley took us back, Mrs. Claus read the kids a story about Gingerbread pirates, and they got to color pictures.

The whole experience lasted until after 10pm, and it was quite entertaining!  The kids fell asleep in the truck on the way home...and I'm sure they dreamed of that magical place.

What a special gift for our family, and a special night!  The kids will cherish that night for years to come, and I know we'll all think of it often.

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