Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Building a Fort

My son has been spending a lot of time constructing a fort in the pasture near our house.  It's slightly farther than yelling distance, so I have him take a walkie- talkie with him while he's there to call him home for dinner.  Talking to 8 year olds on  those things is a hoot.  It brings out the inner child in me.  The only thing that's not fun is that he doesn't get any of my Smokey and The Bandit, or  Dukes of Hazzard radio lingo.

Me: "This is Big Mama calling Little Bandit... Little bandit, do you read me?...over."

Son: " I copy you Big Mama, loud and clear."

Me: " I'm just checking on your E.T.A.  for dinner.  Chickens on the plate!...over."

Son: "Mom...what's E.T.A?"

Me: "That would be your Estimated Time of Arrival....over."

Son: "What?"

Me: "Dinner's ready.... you need to be turning wheels and shifting gears....over."

Son: " Dinner's ready?"

Me: " Roger that....over."

Son: " YES!!!  10- 4  ,I'll be right there........over and out."

After a few building trips, my son honored my husband with an invitation to see the progress.  After he went to see it, I peppered my husband with motherly questions.
"Does it look like an 8 year old made it?"
"Is it high off the ground?"
"Is it safe?"
"Should I go and see it?"
"Probably not. It's better to be unaware."

This information made my Mother Hen instincts come out.  I could just envision the potential hazards. My husband tells me that all little boys need to build forts, so I should just leave him alone.  Today he invited me to look at the progress.  I brought the camera along.

I feel the need to point out a few minor things about the beginnings of this fort.  Let's just consider this next picture as:

Exhibit A:

I have noted just a few of my major concerns about the location of this fort. 

Exhibit B
The fort is held together with old nails and rotting boards. If you weigh more than 100 # I don't recommend sitting on it.

Exhibit C

All I have to say is that I'm thankful my kids have their tetanus shots.  Rusty nails abound.  The only positive thing about the fort is that it is close to a game trail used by the elk to get to water.  It might be a neat place to sit quietly and see what type of animals come past.  I'm in NO way soliciting my approval of such a hazardous structure, though.  Perhaps we can convince him to start from scratch at another location......for his mother's piece of mind.

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  1. Hmmm...looks a lot safer than some of those "ramps" you and your brother "constructed" in the middle of the street to jump with your bicycles. It's best to just say...Hmmm very nice, be careful. :) Who knows, this may be the start of a "construction" gene handed down from his great grandpa, grumpy and his uncle Ricky. :)