Saturday, May 29, 2010

The One-Stop Shop

When I first married my husband, he told me stories of a little drug store in his teeny tiny hometown.  He said that every year on Christmas Eve, he'd join all of the other males on the mountain to do all of their gift buying at the "Western Drug".  It was like a one-stop shop.  I was slightly appalled at the idea of doing ALL of  the Christmas shopping at a drug store.  I envisioned it like purchasing gifts at Walgreen's, but I was soooooo wrong.  The first time my Beloved took me to Western Drug, I stood in awe of it's uniqueness, and quickly wanted to buy half of the store. I said, "Western Drug, where have you been all my life?"  No matter what you need, you'll find it there.  And if you can't find it, you don't really need it anyway.  It's everything a general store should be and much, much more.  Just read the sign on the side of the building and see for yourself.

Western Drug fills a niche market for many things.  It's the only Pharmacy on that side of the mountain, and it's also the best place to get supplies for hunters, campers, ranchers, and town's people alike.  Whether you need a prescription filled, or an ointment for your'll find it here!

When you walk inside, you're transported back to another time.  There are trophy animals mounted all over the walls.  Where else can you pick up Cover Girl Mascara right next to a record sized elk???

One aisle has Tylenol, and shampoo, the next has rifles and shotguns.  It's no secret that Western Drug has some of the best deals on high quality guns and ammunition anywhere.  Just last year we bought a new rifle and scope here.....  and ammo, and gun cases, and clay pigeons, and predator calls, and rifle straps, and well... you get the picture! 

Ladies, have you been searching high and low for a new nightgown in "mossy oak" camouflage? Well, search no more, Western Drug is just the place to find them.  They're right next to the fabric department!

They also have a large supply of high quality, hard to find products.  I love their line of soaps made from Goat's Milk.  They carry about 50 different scents and they are handmade locally.  This time I bought "Midnight Cowboy".  It made me laugh because the only things a cowboy sees at midnight are the back of his eyelids.  If they called it 5am Cowboy, it would be a more accurate statement!

One of my other favorite obsessions is buying cast iron cookware.  The majority of my skillets and dutch ovens have been purchased here....along with some FABULOUS cookbooks!

I'm telling you, this store has it ALL!  They also have a line of awesome seasonings for game meat, fish, and my all time favorite.....beans.  Their buckboard bean seasoning is yummy! It gives the beans a smoky flavor.  Here's what I bought today:

They have stationary, bathroom decorations, garden seeds, canning supplies, and crafting items galore.  We even bought my son a craw-dad trap today.  He can't wait to use it!  Folks that live in rural mountain areas have unique needs, and often desire supplies that are hard to find.  Lucky for us, this small-town drugstore has thought of it all!  Whenever we're passing through, we ALWAYS stop by to support our favorite place.

This is not a paid advertisement.  Western Drug has no idea who I am.  I just really, really love that store!
I heart you, Western Drug.  You complete me.


  1. Hey, Lynell! Kay gave us a copy of your blog about the store. May we post a link to it on our store facebook page? Thanks! Deb Harper

  2. Deb,
    I'd be honored! I love Western Drug, and I will tell everyone I know to look it up on Facebook!


  3. Can you tell me how you use the Buckboard bean seasoning? IE) beans/water/seasoning amount? Crock pot or stove?
    Thank you!