Monday, May 31, 2010

On a Bicycle Built for Two

This is my precious baby having a moment.  She's had it!  She's overwhelmed by the unfairness of being 4 years old.  If she hears the phrase, "when you're a little bigger" even one more time, she's gonna contact her legislature and make BIG waves about it.  We just told my baby girl that she was too little to ride Pop Pop's tandem bicycle.  The disappointment was too much.  But because she's my baby, and Pop Pop has a soft spot in his heart for poor little freckle faced,  pigtailed grand daughters, he found a way to make it happen.
Here she is just climbing on.  She's feeling better already.  Notice Big Sister with the "I'm big enough to ride" grin on her face.

Oh, that's much better.  A little smile now. 

And they're off! Hold on tight baby! Grandma's having an impromptu prayer session right now for the safety of the crew.

The kids love riding the Tandem at Pop Pop and Grandma's house!

Now it's Mom and Dad's turn. My Lover wouldn't let me steer.  He doesn't trust me.

He even rang the bell on the handle bars.  He's secure enough in his manhood.
I told him that we should enter a tandem bike race, but after a ride around the block I changed my mind.  Turns out, in order for us to go fast, I have to pedal too.  That's hard work!

Another day of fun at Pop Pop and Grandma's house winds to a close.

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  1. When I saw that picture of my sweet little Belle with that big tear rolling down her cheek I almost cried. Hurray for Bob for coming up with a solution for that sweet baby girl. :) Way to go Bob!